Web Portal Design Tips To Make It Look Good And Work Better

Many new freelancers are debating how to get an order and create a decent design. Are you another one among thеm? In practice, nothing is as frightening as it appears at first glance. The first thing you should do is take action.

Web Portal Design Tips

Make a decision on what you want to achieve.

To begin, determine why your customer requires a website. Allow him to respond to a few easy questions:

  • What is the purpose of the website?
  • What tаsks must you complete?
  • How do you intend to publicize the website?
  • What kind of structure should the website have?

What kind of material do you intend to host?

Is there a ready-made brand book available from the client?

The more specific the client’s responses are, the clearer the end outcome becomes. The ideal approach is to get the help of one of the top design firms to complete a brief: https://fireart.studio/web-portal-development-services/.

Filling out the brief, no matter how weird, long, or comprehensive it may appear, is one of the most crucial steps of developing a website since it aids in understanding both the intricacies and the intricacy of the project.

Make a decision on the sort of site you want to build

The next step is to determine what type of website you require. There are many different sorts of websites, but the most common are landing pages, corporate websites, and online stores.

Landing раgе

A single-page website’s goal is to sell a product or service fast and efficiently. Landing pages are often distinguished by a colorful design and the presence of one or more sections in which the user is invited to leave contact information.

Wеbsitе of a Company

It varies in size and capabilities – and frequently contains tools that are difficult to design and implement. Corporate sites can be very different in terms of complexity; it all depends on the customer’s needs and the size of the business.

Bank websites are a classic example of corporate websites.

Shops on the Internet

Everyone is acquainted with AliExpress, Amazon, Ebay and a slew of other sites. The volume of information and goods, as well as the appearance of the order page, are the primary challenges for the designer.

Investigate your rivals

It’s time to research your rivals after you’ve settled on the site’s theme, type, and goal. Each of them once considered how to create a website and was successful in reaching the top of the search results.

When looking at rivals’ websites, take attention to where and how information is stored, the site’s structure, and the services that are available. After looking at a few dozen websites, you’ll undoubtedly notice some similar elements and patterns.

Look for references

One of the most essential responsibilities of the designer is to ensure that the site is not only functional but also attractive. You must select typefaces, primary colors, consider block design, and information organization on the page.

It’s a risky option to do it alone if you’re new to design. It’s better to look for samples of sites you enjoy and get some inspiration. Just don’t redraw them from header to footer because that’s already plagiarized.

We propose that you choose a few dozen comparable sites whose design you like and examine the intricacies, deconstructing the layouts into their component pieces.

What is the best way to build a nice website?

By this point, you should have a good idea of what the site’s design will be. It’s time to consider how to go about doing it.

If only Photoshop was utilized to develop layouts in the past, today’s designer has a lot more options.


An online tool for constructing basic websites and landing pages that is both affordable and easy. The online designer allows you to construct a website directly in your browser, saving you time on layout and programming while also giving you a preview of how the website will look.


Today, it’s possible that this is the most popular website builder. If you need to build a website that is larger than a landing page but can’t find a layout designer or a coder, constructors can help.


These are the basics that you still have to learn if you decide to go into design. Yes, there are already many analogues for creating layouts, but none of them provide such control over the image as Photoshop.


The principles discussed in the article are the first step towards becoming a designer. If you are really interested in creating awesome products, there is a lot more to discover. And if you need qualified help in creating or designing a web portal, then you can contact the Development Company – Fireart Studio.

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