Top 10 Best PS4 Controller Charger Review & Consumer Report [2022]

The best PS4 controller charger is similar to other chargers, and it is required for PS4 controllers. PS4 remote charger offers an uninterpreted gaming experience to kids and adults. And the truth is no one likes to get a drained PS4 controller, especially when the game reaches some new level. There are many PS4 chargers accessible in the market, but some of them are not efficient, whereas some are not readily available. It is, therefore, necessary to consider the unit, which is one of the best and easily accessible.

Searching the ideal one PS4 charging station is a time-consuming process. But with this best PS4 Controller Charger Review, you can easily find the best device within considerable time. But before we go to the review section, first, we look at the important factors before buying a PS4 controller charger.

best PS4 Controller Charger

How To Choose The Best PS4 Controller Charger?

The important factors to consider while choosing a PS4 controller charger are given below. Have a look at first.

#1. Charging time:

When you choose the best PS4 controller charger, look at the charging time. It should take less time to charge your PS4 device. Also, less charging time leads to more gaming. It means you don’t have to wait for more for your next game.

#2. USB ports:

There are two types of controller charge feature. One is a single micro USB port, and another one is Dual micro USB port. The second option is best as it can charge more than one controllers at the same time. It means minimal time wastage. Single micro USB port option is not bad, it just takes more time, and you can put one control to the charging at time.

#3. LED charging indicators:

You can consider the LED charging indicator as one of the features in the PS4 dual charger. Some controller features it, and it will help you to monitor the controller’s charging status. It will avoid overcharging and notify you when you can resume your leftover game. Before purchasing the controller, check it for sure.

#4. Durability:

For me, strength is a must thing in the product I invest in, and it is valid for the PS4 controller charger. Apart from the material, check the product has safe charging capabilities and do not overheat your device. See, excessive heating may lead to the short circuit as well.

#5. Ease of use:

This thing is the main factor because if you don’t know how to use the product, it is almost useless. Before purchasing any controllers, understand all the controls. It is always best to choose one that allows you to place on the charging dock, instead of connecting them separately.

Best PS4 Controller Charger Review

#1. Dual USB controller charger for PS4 KINGTOP charging station

Dual USB controller charger for PS4 KINGTOP charging stationThe kingtop PS4 controller charge dock is one of the best units to charge your controllers in 2.5 hours. Yes, it charges your one controller in 2.5 hours and two controllers in 3 hours. The charging safety functions are also there, which prevent overcharging of controllers. By preventing overcharging, product life is also increased. The dual charging feature allows you to charge two controllers simultaneously.

For each controller, there are 2 LED lights. While charging, the lights are red, but as soon as the charging is full, it turns into green. Inbuilt protector chip and four anti-skid stands are also there. With a 100%satisfaction guarantee, it also offers 90 days of cashback in case of any complaints.


  • Dual USB port
  • 3-hour duration for charging two controllers
  • Safety guarantee
  • Safe for Use


  • None

#2. PS4 Controller charger, Tiancai Dual USB charging charger docking station

PS4 Controller charger, Tiancai Dual USB charging charger docking stationTiancai PS4 controller chargers are for all those who are buying the product for the first time. Yes, it has fewer features compared to any other high-end best PS4 controller charger. However, it comes at the top of the list when it comes to the best service and ease of use. As a novice user, if you want the best experience in budget, go and grab this product by Tiancai.

It is safe for use as it has a built-in protector chip. It prevents overcharging and avoids overheating of the controllers. It is compatible with Sony PS4, PS4 Pro, and PS4 Slim. The charging indicated by a red light which changes into the green on full charging. It takes 2.5 hours to charge one controller and about 4 hours for two.


  • Easy to use
  • Integrated smart chip
  • Quick and safe charging


  • The tower is weak

#3. Sliq Gaming controller charging station with QPower AC adapter

Sliq Gaming controller charging station with QPower AC adapterThe Sliq Gaming controller charging station charges your unit in less than an hour and becomes one of the fastest PS4 controller chargers available in the gaming market. This fast charging is due to the QPower AC adaptor with a 5V/2A output. The pushdown charging design keeps your controller at a proper pace while charging. This unit uses the microphone jack instead of a micro USB port.

You can charge two controllers at a single time. It means no more wires in the room for charging. The light function is quite different. The yellow and red Led indicate the controller is in the charging and fully charged, respectively. 1.1lbs weight of the unit makes it easy to carry. The high-quality material used in the making makes sure that it runs for a long time. Thanks to its compact design, which saves lots of space. It also features overcharge protection. Unlike other models, it provides a 1-Year replacement warranty.


  • One of the fastest PlayStation charger
  • Compatible with most of the models
  • Easy to plug and use
  • Dual controller charging capabilities
  • Safe to use


  • Not compatible with PS3 models

#4. PowerBear PS4 Controller Charger Station for 2 Remotes

PowerBear PS4 Controller Charger Station for 2 RemotesGears from the PowerBear always aim to make your life simpler and more comfortable. The same is true for this PS4 controller charger cord. It provides safe charging with the safest technology. The significant part is it is compatible with all PS4 controllers. I want to say sorry if you are looking at this for your PS3 or custom made controllers.

It provides two LED lights. The red light means the device is in charging, whereas blue means the device is fully charged. The life span of this unit is far more than you think due to its sleek and sturdy design. It takes 2 hours to charge one controller.


  • The 2-hour time duration for one controller
  • Compact and elegant space-saving design
  • require a micro USB cable to charge
  • Compatible with all PS4


  • Doesn’t come with a cable that plugs directly into wall outlets

#5. PS4 controller charger, ESYWEN Safe and fast PlayStation 4 charging station

PS4 controller charger, ESYWEN Safe and fast PlayStation 4 charging stationDue to its four micro USB charging dongles, it becomes one of the best PlayStation 4 controller chargers. The dongle inserts into the controller and save it from the wear and tear. It takes a maximum of 3 hours to charge two controllers together, which means quick charging in less time. The high-speed charging is due to the wall adapter/PC/PS4 console via USB port.

The light indicator clears the charging status; red means charging, and green means fully charged. Your device is protected from the short circuit and overheating and overcharging with a built-in protective chip. Its compact design makes it easy to carry and save the place. It offers 3-year customer and lifetime technical support to all of its customers. What else you want?


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Four micro USB dongles
  • LED indicator for charging status
  • A smart controller charging station


  • Need to adjust the controller’s position very carefully to make sure it’s charging

#6. Controller Charger for PS4, Dual PS4 Modded Controller Charging Station

Controller Charger for PS4, Dual PS4 Modded Controller Charging StationThe next name in the list of wireless PS4 controller charger is Controller Charger for PS4 by Y Team. This product offer value for the money. Most of the users recommend it to others to use it. The model is currently upgraded to meet all modern requirements of users and controllers. Some of its amazing features make it an outstanding product.

It takes only 2 hours to charge your PS4 controllers. It can charge two controllers together, save your time, and offer more fun. The built-in protector chip enhanced the life span by preventing the overcharging. The integrated micro USB ports securely connect the PS4 controllers and avoid the clutter at your place.


  • Excellent customer support
  • Quick and safe charging
  • overcharging, overheating, short circuit protection
  • Easy to power


  • Wall charger not included

#7. ECHTPower PS4 Controller Charger Station, PS4 Controller Charging Dock

ECHTPower PS4 Controller Charger Station, PS4 Controller Charging DockThis PlayStation 4 controller charger by ECHTPower has built-in micro USB adapter ports that charge your gaming controllers safely and within just 3 hours. For single controllers, it takes 2.5 hours. No need to connect them to console. The indicating LED lights on the front side shows clear indication about charging status. The orange light indicates the controller is in charging whereas the blue light shows that the controller is fully charged,

The inbuilt protector chip will start charging when the controller is below 70% and until it reaches to 100%. If the charging is above 70% and you insert the port, it will not charge. You can give the power through the USB port from the console, wall power, or pc. It is compatible with PS4, PS4 Slim, and PS4 Pro Controller.


  • Sturdy design
  • Fast charging
  • LED light indicator
  • Dual wireless controller charger


  • Does not include a wall adapter

#8. PS4 controller charger, BEBONCOOL PS4 Wireless charger

PS4 controller charger, BEBONCOOL PS4 Wireless chargerIf you hate to wait while your controllers are in charging, pick this PS4 wireless charger. It takes only 2 hours with two built-in micro USB ports. This model supports dual shock 4 PS4, PS4 Slim, and PS4 pro. It saves you time for sure by charging two controllers simultaneously. The built-in LED indicator shows clear charging status. When you plug in the USB cables, it shows a red color, which converts into the green on fully charged.

The built-in protector chip protects the short circuit, overheating, and over-charging. The compact design store in a small space. The stable connection offers you worry-free charging support.


  • Anti-sleep design
  • Led indicator
  • 36-month customer support
  • Portable and reliable design
  • Fast charging
  • Dual charging USB ports


  • Charging light flickers quite a bit

#9. GameSir Dual controller charging station

GameSir Dual controller charging stationThis dual power controller’s sleek and compact design is one of the plus points. It provides quick as well as safe charging to your PS4/PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro controller. It can charge two controllers together within 2.5 hours only. The snap-down charging stands to match with the Micro USB ports. There is an optimum power supply due to the gold plated connection. It provides overcharge, over current, over voltage or over-discharge, and short circuit protection. This charger is the easiest way to protect your device.


  • Easy to use
  • Overcharging protection
  • anti-slip design
  • Snap-down charging design


  • No wall adapter

#10. Fosmon PS4 Controller Charger, Fast Charge Docking Station

Fosmon PS4 Controller Charger, Fast Charge Docking StationIf you are looking for the best PS4 controller charger for your Dualshock 4 controllers, then this name is the right one for you. Its capability to protect overcharging, displaying charging status makes it safer and faster. It is efficient for use.

It takes 3 hours to charge your Dualshock 4 controllers fully. The red LED light indicates the control is in charge, whereas the green LED light means the controller is fully charged.

You can set up two controllers for charging. Just place is one beside another and connects the ports to the bottom of the controller. It is sleek design saves space.


  • Easy to use
  • Efficient unit
  • LED charging status display
  • Charges from the bottom port
  • quick charging


  • None


It is all about the best PS4 controller charger reviews for 2020. See all the names listed in this are worth purchasing. All are lightweight, durable, budget-friendly, and easy to use. Now you have to choose the one according to your preference. It will surely provide the best and different charging experience. Now, please don’t wait and grab it.

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