11 Best Free Email Service Providers in 2024

Searching for the best free email service providers to create emails for personal or professional work? Have a look at these top free email service providers. We already share a great list of fake email generator sites which also you can use for temporary email.

With so many communication buzzes on the internet, the best free email service is still the core way of communication. There are many free email service providers available, and hence, it is tough to choose one from all. But we make your choice easy with the top 10 Best Free Email Service Providers list.

Many users have some problems with their current service providers. They want to change their service. I know two or three operators are only known in the market even though there are face occasional challenges and hiccups. So it is time to change your email service providers.

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Free Email Service Providers
Free Email Service Providers

How To Choose The Best Email Service Providers?

While choosing the email service, you have to look for storage space, antivirus scanning, spam filters, interface, mobile access, and availability of a desktop client.

All these are starting points for free email services. Many service provider provides some other important features as well. You will find it in the article.

Best Free Email Service Providers

In this list, you will find app-free email account providers who provide their service for free. Let’s start the tour of email.

1. Gmail

Website: https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/

No doubt that Gmail is the best and most popular email provider. With this email service, you can send your email with inbuilt formatting tools. You can choose themes, input tools, and interfaces. There are many advantages to using Gmail. You have various google service to integrate. Yes, you can integrate

Gmail - Free Email Service Providers
Gmail – Free Email Service Providers

Google Hangout for chat and video calls, Google Calander to manage your schedule and Google Suite for advanced file sharing. You can access your YouTube account easily with your Gmail account. The filter feature can segregate emails according to groups. You can also add new tabs with default tabs.

2. Outlook

Website: https://outlook.live.com/owa/

Microsft powered Outlook and the updated version of Hotmail. This rebranded version is one of the top three popular email accounts. Lately, it starts gaining popularity and comes to the third position from fifth in terms of market share. I know you might irritate with ads, but it is okay.

Outlook - Best email service providers
Outlook – Best email service providers

If you want to spend money on ad removal, then you can do it. Remove the advertising placement space by paying $20. Another reason why I like this software is its extensive range of features and about 100 add-ins. For example, an email recovery add-in retrieves all your deleted messages. Or you can convert your email into a notebook with an Evernote add-in.

3. Yahoo! Mail

Website: https://login.yahoo.com/

Yahoo Mail is in second place after Gmail in terms of popularity. For storage, it is superior to Gmail. It allocated 1TB storage allocation. Signing up with Yahoo mail allows you to access other Yahoo services like calendars, news, sports, etc. You can filter the mail as well as attachments from the search bar.

Yahoo - Email Service Provider
Yahoo – Email Service Provider

While using it is the best free email account, you have to make sure that the size of your email is no larger than 25MB. The ad placement might cause trouble for you. If you are sending and receiving frequent emails, then Yahoo mail is the best option.

4. Zoho Mail

Website: https://www.zoho.com/mail/

The next name in the free email providers list is Zoho Mail. Zoho has a set of suite applications, and one of them is Zoho Mail. It offers a free email service with 5 GB of storage. The storage space is insufficient, but you can get extra space by paying a little extra. No ads and no keyword scanning for user privacy.

Zoho Mail
Zoho Mail

You can access your email, calendar, tasks, notes, bookmarks, and contact from its interior. The email interface is neat and pretty. It allows customization options for all of the users.

Tag or flag email or custom filter for different types of email, and yes, the filters for spam email prevent your inbox from viruses. Like Gmail, Zoho also integrates with Zoho Sheets, Zoho Docs, and several other free services. The custom domain service for the premium user adds an extra layer of security.

5. ProtonMail

Website: https://protonmail.com/

Many top email service providers scan your database from email to find a proper keyword to place the ads. But this can be prevented with ProtonMail. With this tool, you can encrypt the email before sending it. For the ProtonMail account recipient, the encryption will be done automatically.

ProtonMail – Top Email Service Provider

The recipient will receive the encrypted email with a password-protected link. After 28 days, the email will expire automatically. You can set the limit of the expiry date from the settings. According to me, no one beat the security and privacy of ProtonMail.

For the free space, it is inconvenient. The free plane provides only 500MB of storage. But for more storage, you can upgrade to paid version ranging from $3.64 to $33.84/month.

6. Mail.com

Website: https://www.mail.com/int/

This provider also manages your email service like other free email service providers. The major difference is its custom domain name. You can choose your custom email domain from about 200 free options. What I do not like is its free storage space of 2 GB only.

Choose your email id and sign up, as simple as it looks. Your account has 10 aliases linked to your account. Yes, and it can attach files up to 50 MB.


It also gives access to the online office and other documents like docs, spreadsheets, or ppt. It also imports contacts from another email service. Android and iOS apps make mobile access easy.

The ads are hectic for me and quite disturbing. You can pick the premium version for ads free account and access to other features.

7. Tutanota

Website: https://tutanota.com

Tutanota is another encrypted email service provider that mainly focuses on the user’s security. Due to this reason, you may find that there is a lack of other basic features. The free account follows 1 user and 1 GB storage policy.


It has a limited search capability. But it is an ad-free email service. A premium account provides more features, but I suggest picking its account if you want security as a primary feature. I have paid for the premium account, but in that account also some features are missing. Yes, it provides full encryption to my email with password protection. But I am not satisfied with its service.

8. AOL

Website: https://login.aol.com/

AOL is basically a news site, but it also offers a webmail service. The email feature is famous for its excellent filters for spam and virus. With AOL your inbox is completely protected. Another exciting feature is its unlimited storage.

AOL - Best Email Service Provider
AOL – Best Email Service Provider

For the storage, no one can beat it. Not even Gmail or yahoo mail. You can import email contacts from various file formats, including TXT, LDIF, and CSV. The attachment limit is 25MB per email. If you are dealing with data on email, then you can consider AOL as your email service provider.

9. Yandex Mail

Website: https://mail.yandex.com/

From the Russian tech giant Yandex, you can expect some is a Russian tech giant. That being said, you can expect some great features for free. The ultimate storage is 10GB, but whenever the storage is less than 200 MB, it adds 1GB every time. So it provides unlimited storage for free.

Yandex Mail

The maximum email size is 30 MB. But like Google, Yandex store the files on the cloud if the size of the email exceeds. The recipient can download the attached files from the cloud link.

Dr. Web is a built-in spam feature that scans and deletes all spam and unnecessary emails. The customization option allows changing the theme and e-card of your email. Moreover, this service is ad-free.

10. ICloud Mail

Website: https://www.icloud.com/

iCloud Mail is a service for Apple device users. And when the name Apple comes, you do not have to worry about privacy. To use this service, you need an iOS or Mac device. You can access it via a web browser.

ICloud Mail

With your Apple ID, you can log in to this service. No need of going through the signup procedure. With a free email account, you will get 5GB of storage. It can also sync with your Apple devices. However, the service does not provide any outstanding features and falls short of its capabilities.

Yes, it can share large files via the mail drop feature. It is nothing but a cloud service that stores the attachment on the cloud, and the recipient can download it from the cloud link. iCloud Mail is ad-free. You can call it a combination of disappointment and simplicity.

11. GMX

Website: https://www.gmx.com/

Last but not least name in the free email providers list is GMX. As the name is unique, its service is also unique. It offers 65 GB of storage. The regular screening will take care of the spam emails.

With a single account, you can create 10 email aliases. It means you can send the mail using 10 different names. The domain name that is fixed is gmx.com.

This system also segregates your inbox based on the alias. And hence you do not need to create multiple email accounts. From the single dashboard of the GMX, you can manage all the emails from different providers. Theme options and cloud storage are also there.


It is all about the top 11 free email service providers. The list composed here by us is based on the service, features, storage space, security, and other parameters. We consider all of these as the best email service providers; what do you consider for your email?

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