Best YouTube Alternatives To Submit Your Videos in 2023

List of best YouTube alternatives where you can submit your videos and reach your target audience.

We all know YouTube is unbeatable when it comes to free online video hosting and streaming platform. There are billions of videos present on YouTube, and daily many more add to the list. However, there are some YouTube Alternatives worth considering.

You might ask yourself a question that is there an alternative to YouTube available? The answer is yes. We have listed five YouTube Alternatives that are entirely free. You can watch and submit videos on this platform like YouTube. And here in this post, I have to make a list to make your search for YouTube Alternatives easy. Let’s start without wasting more time.

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Best YouTube Alternatives of 2022

#1. Vimeo


vimeo - youtube alternative

Vimeo is one of the best YouTube alternative sites and a big platform in the USA. The site has good and easy navigation. When you visit the website, it will ask you to join the site. If you want to find traffic or a new source for your video, Vimeo is an excellent place to convert traffic to your website.

It has a good impression and ranking position on the search engine. Plus, it has lots of users who can engage in your video. This platform gives priority to quality over quantity.

You can find some fantastic and tremendous music videos and high-quality short films and videos to watch. If you don’t want to visit the site, it has an app for android and iOS devices. Mobile users have to sign up for the app to upload and enjoy content on this YouTube Alternative.

The subscribe function works the same as YouTube. If you like any channel or want to follow it, you can subscribe to it. You can also leave your comments on any videos. Apart from these things, Vimeo offers some fantastic features like the best video quality, Privacy control, customized URL, etc. Have a look at some advantages of Vimeo.

A. Best Video Player

Vimeo offers features like a customized frame for the best looks. It also lets the user change text and upload the logo in videos through easy setup options. To upload a logo, you have to navigate video settings and then the embed tab.

You can set the design of players like your business portfolio, homepage, brand identity, or marketing campaign through appearance. It is an important feature for companies as it matches the design to the brand and improves the user experience. You can show your creativity through design and color.

B. Video Quality:

YouTube compresses the videos to such an extent that when it gets less data speed on the server, it loses the video quality. But this best alternative to YouTube doesn’t do anything like video compression. It means the loss of data speed; the video shows as it is with the best picture quality. However, due to advanced technology, the size of the files is too big. Maybe due to a bigger size, Vimeo also starts compressing videos.

C. Playback And Privacy Control Customization:

When it comes to playback and privacy control, you will get a vast range of options on Vimeo. One such feature is limiting the playback on your choice of websites, including yours. It means your video is available exclusively on the sites you allow. It gives higher views and excellent conversion rates.

D. Customizable Video URLs:

Vimeo allows users to change the URLs of videos and customize them for a better experience and easy search. In this way, users can quickly memorize URLs and shift their focus to the videos and services promoted in the video.

E. Excellent Customer Service:

This feature gives a clear cheat to Vimeo over YouTube as users can quickly contact customer care. The client service and forums are far ahead than YouTube. Yes, we accept that YouTube is also ahead in many other ways to submit queries.

#2. Dailymotion


dailymotion - youtube alternative

The second name in the list of Alternatives to YouTube is Dailymotion. It is a popular video-sharing platform with an excellent user experience. It is way ahead of YouTube in user experience. From the home page, you can see all the categories and trending videos. And from the search bar, you can find all the videos based on channels and tags.

Its neat and clean interface is its most significant plus point. The site is frequently updated. Even the developers have done a fabulous job for the Dailymotion UI. Some people call this site YouTube’s poorer and darker brother. But don’t go for tags. Don’t believe me? You can check out Moz’s ranking. It stands at 124th rank out of 500. Some of its features are listed below. Please have a look at it.

A. Quality Over Quantity:

YouTube can quickly lose its video quality due to video compression. But Dailymotion gives individual viewers aversions that are closer to the source. Yes, the upload quantity is far less than YouTube; still, it is worth the YouTube replacement option to consider.

B. Better Flexibility:

YouTube and its copyright policies are quite scary. However, uploading videos is less risky due to the high tolerance for content and less strict copyright policy compared to YouTube. In other words, if you don’t have the right to every element in the video, you can pick Dailymotion due to the less risk of the copyright claim.

C. Higher Tolerance

Dailymotion and YouTube both have specific rules and regulations for uploading content. Both platforms are topic sensitive, but on Dailymotion, you can see higher tolerance limits for content. You can set an age for the viewers.

3. Metacafe


metacafe - youtube alternative

Metacafe is another Alternative to YouTube with a great system. It ensures all videos are of high quality. You will not find duplicate content on it. The videos are classified into different categories like latest, popular, trending, art, animation, comedy, commercial, cooking, entertainment, how-to, music & dance, news & events, people & stories, pets &animals, science & tech, sports, travel & outdoors, videogames, etc.

Due to such great bifurcation, each month, the site gets millions of organic views. Despite original content, many people don’t know about Metacafe like video sites other than YouTube. Let me share with you some brief and facts about Metacafe.

  • Metacafe has more than 2 million monthly visitors
  • It is one of the largest video sharing sites
  • You can earn revenue from your uploaded videos through the Producer Reward Program
  • Under the Producer Reward Program, you can receive up to $5 to $1000 per visitor
  • For the Producer Reward Program, your video needs more than 20k views!

#4. Facebook


facebook - youtube alternative

what is the best alternative to YouTube? My answer is Facebook in terms of active users. Everyone has an idea about Facebook like what it is and how it works. This social media network allows you to connect with people around the globe, and upload and share videos on your walls or friend’s wall. You can choose the privacy as well. For sure, Facebook is an excellent competitor of YouTube.

Go to your wall, click on upload video and done. You can use support tools to optimize your videos. You can add meta descriptions and use thumbnail tags. What I like about Facebook the most is users can upload videos without downscaling their video quality.

Facebook live is also there to share your live view with others. It does not need any desktop version to do so. However, both platforms are quite different. One is a social media platform with an option of video-sharing, whereas another is only a video sharing platform. But we can compare both due to its reach and video capabilities. It cost nothing to share videos on Facebook. It is similar to updating regular text on the wall. This YouTube Alternative is worth trying.

#5. Veoh


Veoh - youtube alternative

Last but not least name on this list of YouTube competitors is Veoh. This platform allows users to upload and post videos without any length restrictions. You can embed Veoh’s video on any website. It is best for full-length movies. You can find some great movies on this website like

Videos are categorized into five major groups, which are Videos, Movies, Music, Channels, and Groups. And each group is further classified into multiple genres. You can watch videos without creating an account, but to upload videos, you have to sign up for its service.


With this, we put a full stop to this post on the best YouTube alternative. These are the best 5 names that are used by many users around the globe. Like YouTube, each site has its cons and pros. So choose according to your needs. Go for the name that suits you most.

Hopefully, you like this list of YouTube Alternatives. If so likes it and shares it with your group who want to submit their videos. In case of any doubts and queries, we are here to help you. Now don’t wait. Create your account and start uploading.

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