7 Best Apps to Use If You Watch Movies Online [2021]

Searching for the best app that helps you to watch movies online? We are going to discuss that in this post.

Some would say that, as a movie buff, this is the best time to be alive. There are millions of movies out there with new thrilling releases every week. An avid movie addict could watch for hours on end every day and never get through everything. Not to mention the multitude of online streaming options that make it oh so convenient to keep watching indefinitely.

But this article is not about those streaming sites. It’s about the many other tools out there that can help movie buffs make their movie-watching experience even more convenient. Didn’t think that’s possible? Well, it is with these seven must-have apps.

Best Apps to Use If You Watch Movies Online

Best Apps to Use If You Watch Movies Online

#1. JustWatch

Everyone’s jumping into the streaming game these days. From big players in the entertainment industry like HBO and Disney to smaller providers like CouchTuner. Having that many options is great. And the increased competition can only mean even better content down the line as services compete for viewers.

That said, it can also make things a little more tricky when someone’s deciding what they want to watch and where to get it. Licensing agreements change, and services keep switching up their libraries. But JustWatch makes that whole movie-searching journey so much better.

The app makes it super easy to search for series and movies and filter the results down to different providers. It also has filtering options to differentiate between streaming, renting, and buying.

#2. A VPN

People who like streaming content online need to look into using a VPN to unblock content. It opens up so many more movies (and series!) than what’s available locally.

So what is a VPN? Virtual private networks are services that encrypt one’s connection to websites, and more importantly here, lets them replace their IP address. This address is what reveals your location to the site you’re trying to connect to. It’s what prohibits someone in Germany from accessing American Netflix, for example. Click here for more information: https://nordvpn.com/what-is-a-vpn/

With a VPN installed and turned on, it’s easy to switch to a VPN server in, say, Japan and get access to local Japanese content as well. Do some research to find excellent and affordable service.

#3. Runpee

While this app doesn’t apply to at-home viewing, it’s still a useful app for those who love to watch movies. Runpee lets people know the best times during a film to get up and go to the bathroom.

The app provides alerts for optimal bathroom break moments and shows how long someone has before something important comes on screen. It also recorded those parts for some movies so that people can keep watching on their way to the bathroom.

#4. Guess The Movie

It is a fun little trivia app that movie watchers will love. Guess The Movie is perfect for a watch party or even for playing whenever. There are a lot of quizzes and questions about both famous and more obscure movies. It might also lead to discovering something new to watch!

#5. IMDB

Pretty much everyone who’s into films is familiar with IMDB. The app, like the website, provides information on movies, actors, and the entertainment industry. The app also lets people sign up to rate movies and follow their favorite actors to see when their new films will appear in cinemas.

#6. ToDoMovies

Those who want to keep track of all the movies they’ve watched and the ones they still want to watch finally have an app just for that. Whenever someone searches for a film, the app will display its trailer and show any related content like soundtracks and books too.

ToDoMovies does more than that, though. It also creates personalized lists of suggestions based on what someone has already watched. On top of that, the app has top movies per genre lists and pulls from resources like IMDB for less mainstream suggestions as well.

#7. Flixster

No one wants to waste their time on a lame movie that isn’t worth watching. Many turn to IMDB for their ratings and reviews, which is fine. But Rotten Tomatoes is still popular too.

Flixster comes with a lot of features. But a particularly useful one is its ability to let people see RT scores and track the movies they have reviewed. With Flixster, people can also list the movies they still want to see, watch the latest trailers, and keep track of entertainment news.


There’s always something new to discover – even for seasoned movie lovers who think they’ve watched it all. Get the most out of watching movies at home by using these seven great apps to enhance the experience even more.

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