7 Project Free TV Alternative to Watch Movies Online & TV Series Episodes

Looking for project free TV alternative? Read this post till the end.

Project Free TV provides a huge collection of TV shows, and due to this, it is popular among the TV series lovers. But due to some reasons, ProjectfreeTV is banned in some countries. What to do if project free TV movies are banned in your country? Do not worry; we are here to solve your problem with sites like project free TV. So let’s start check alternative of live TV streaming sites.

Project Free TV Alternative

Project Free TV Alternative

If you are can’t access Project Free TV, or your browser can’t load it, then there are chances that it might block in your region. To access it you can use a VPN, but the process it somehow difficult. So the best way to enjoy the same content is to find out bets alternative of Project TV.

1. Popcornflix

Website: https://www.popcornflix.com/

Popcornflix - Project Free TV Alternative

If you want to watch movie and TV shows online for free, Popcornflix is the best option available on the net. It is popular among the movie and TV series hard cord fans due to its huge database of television shows and movies.

All the titles hosted on the site are well arranged according to the genre. Even you can find the one by typing the name in the search bar. All the content are in high quality so you can get the best experience while watching your favorite shows.

2. Tubi TV

Website: https://tubiTV.com/

Tubi TV - free tv project

Tubi TV is another known name in the list of online TV shows and movies streaming site. If you can’t be able to watch content on a free TV project, then Tubi TV is a similar option for you. You do not have to spend anything to enjoy its large collection of shows on TV and movies. It hosts many classic movies on the website.

The website remains up for most of the time except hosting copyrighted content issue. But it has many backup servers that provide uninterrupted access to all the content of the site. You can choose from plenty of titles. You need to register yourself to enjoy movies and TV shows on Tubi TV. Do not worry, it will not charge for the registration, and once you are done with registration, the shows are on your screen straight away.

3. Sony Crackle

Website: https://www.sonycrackle.com/out-of-region.html

Sony Crackle - sites like project free tv

Sony owned Sony Crackle, and it hosts all popular titles that are produced by Sony. It also has an excellent collection of movies like project free TV us. With plenty of Sony own movie and television shows it is one of the best alternatives.

It was previously known as Crackle. Since Sony itself provides all the TV shows and movies hosted here, it is a completely legal and safe website for watching free movies.

You have to login first on the website first, and after completion of the procedure, you can access all the stuff present on the website. Some content is restricted in some countries, but VPN is there to help you all the time.

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4. SnagFilms

Website: https://www.snagfilms.com/

SnagFilms - Project Free Movies

If you fall into the category of the lazy person on earth like me who do not like to fill little details to complete the registration process, then this website is for you. It is another good alternative to project free movies.

It is a popular website which has about 5000+ movies and TV shows. You will surely like the variety of content and a large collection of content to watch on Snag Films.

It provides all new as well as old and classic shows for all kind of visitors. If you like to watch original films or documentary films, then you will be impressed with SnagFilm’s documentary collection.

You can find the highest rating IMDB movies even though they are not so popular. The TV shows and movies are well classified according to the genre for easy access.

5. Viewster

Website: https://www.viewster.com/

Viewster - project free TV online

Viewstar has a different mode of working than project free TV online. It is a video on demand kind of service provider. It hosts a large library of movies and TV shows on its server.

This site is completely legal, and all the links they provide are work perfectly as the owner has purchased all legal rights t regulate the website.

It hosts some rare shows that are not available on any other sites or portals. If you demand your favorite shows or movies that are not present on the site, then they will provide you within a few days.

If you are an anime lover, then you love this site. It has a large collection of anime content as well. User does not have to go through a subscription or registration process to enjoy the content. And it does not restrict content country wise.

6. Classic Cinema Online

Website: https://classiccinemaonline.com/

Classic Cinema Online - my project free tv

For all die-hard classic movie lovers, this website is a delight platform. If you are finding a few extream movies that are not available anywhere else, then there are high chances that you will find here.

Similar to my project free TV, it also an online movie and television streaming site. It has a collection of shows from mid-1900 to all the latest one. Even it hosts silent movies as well. Some worth to watch classic shows and movies like Dancing Pirate, The Magic Sword, Captain Scarlet, The Arizona Kid, Pinocchio, Creature From The Haunted Sea and many more are available on it.

The movies are well arranged and sorted according to the genre like Comedy, Animated, Drama, Documentary, and Family. The silent movies are posted on a dedicated section, which also has sub-divisions inside it.

7. Internet Archive

Website: https://archive.org/

Internet Archive - Site like Project Free TV

According to name, this platform archive all thing that one can access on the internet. Not only movies, but you can find a good collection of TV series, software, and books.

It is a digital library that offers universal access to all the content present on it. With 15 petabytes of collection, one can assume the range of content easily.

When it comes to movies and TV serials, the Internet Archive does not disappoint you at all. It provides a large number of popular and classic series and movies. It is a legal and free website, but in some countries, it is banned.


So it is all about best alternatives to project free TV. And with this, we sum up our article. We hope you like the name that we have suggested here. In case if you find some privacy issues, we recommend you to use VPN. Thank you!

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