20 Best Free Unblocked Movie Sites to Watch Movies Online of 2023

Are you looking for the best free unblocked movie sites to watch movies online from anywhere?

Unblocked movie sites are great sources of entertainment in school or college. Nowadays, most schools, offices, and colleges have banned most entertainment sites from using firewalls. Students and workers are restricted from getting enjoyment-related content like movies and music in such places. We already shared a list of free unblocked music sites which you can check.

Even though it is easy to find movies on the internet for some exceptions places like schools and colleges, we can’t say it is true. Due to the secure firewall setting, watching movies, videos or TV series is almost impossible.

Due to this reason, many students look for free unblocked movies. If you are one of them, then you have landed at the right place my friend as today we are here with the title Watch movies online free unblocked.

Hey, do not worry as you will get a long list of all kinds of free movie websites where you can watch all the desired TV shows and movies. Yes, you can watch all the restricted shows as well.

Before we move to the main section, first of all, keep in mind that all institute has different ways to lock the site or provide firewall protection to block it on particular premises.

Hence it happens that some of these sites may not work in your school, college, or office. But apart from a few, you can enjoy the stuff from other websites. We have covered more than 20 sites, and all are free to watch new movies online for free.

Free Movies Unblocked Sites
Free Unblocked Movies Sites

Best Free Unblocked Movie Sites of 2023

So now under this section, we have made a list of the 20 best free movie streaming site that is unblocked in some restricted area. And the good part is you do not need any VPN or proxy to access these sites as all the sites are non-proxy websites. Open your browser, enter the URL, and search the movies. All done!

1. VMovee

Website: http://vmovee.xyz/

VMovee - free unblocked movie site
VMovee – free unblocked movie site

VMovee is one of the best websites. Even I am one of its crazy users who is using it during free office hours. Here you will find hundreds of movies in HD quality. You can watch as many movies as you want, with no restrictions.

You can pick movies from the old ones to the latest ones according to your needs. The site is simply looking, but it features some useful functions on its home page. You can segregate movies and TV shows according to Latest Movies, Popular Movies, Features Movies, Recent Movies, Recent TV Shows, and Popular TV Shows from the home page.

In the movie section, you can find your favorite movie according to genre and year of release. With movies, you can find all popular TV shows and series to stream online. Don’t miss out on checking out the free live TV streaming site.

You can find too many popups and ads while surfing on the site. But something is better than nothing, so a great option to start enjoying in boring hours.

2. Putlocker

Website: https://putlockersweb.com/

Putlocker - free unblocked movie site
Putlocker – free unblocked movie site

Putlocker is one of the best movie sites to watch movies online without any restrictions. Though the government shut off the site, we have a proxy link to access the site.

Yes, you will find many pirated sites with the same name, but out of all some of the sites provide rich movie content. One of the alternatives to Putlocker is put lockers.gs. On this site, you can find different kinds of movies, videos, and TV shows.

You do not have to go through any registration process and as it is a clone website, most of the firewalls can’t detect it.

5. PopcornTime

Website: https://popcorntime.sh/

PopcornTime - unblocked movie site list
PopcornTime – unblocked movie site list

PopcornTime.sh is one of the best sites to download movies for free online but there are sites available that allow you to watch free movies online without downloading. It is available for almost all operating systems, and one can enjoy movies on any device with it. It is a torrent-based site, which streams movies from torrents.

Get the app from the official website for your Windows Mac or mobile device and enjoy all the stuff you are looking for starting from movies to the latest TV series.

The movies are segregated into different categories, and you can find hundreds of movies in each category. Even users can submit movies on this platform.

It is an app-based movie streaming platform, and due to this, there is very little chance that an institute can block it. Apart from movies, you can enjoy TV series, internet videos, and anime streaming online. PopcornTime app is available for Mac, Windows, Android, Linux, and Android TV. It is not available for iOS users.

Though it is not a site for fully unblocked movies, it is similar to it. The only difference is you can download and enjoy unlimited movies from all restricted places.

6. Unblocked Movies Sites on Google

Among teenagers, Google sites are top-rated as they guarantee unblocked in almost 99.99%. Google is the top search engine, and we all know its usefulness. And not a single organization blocks google.com.

This site is a Google subdomain where people find the sites for free. On the subdomain, you will find many unblocked movie websites to watch all types of movies and TV shows with songs for free. Yes, the process of finding unblocked Google sites is a bit tricky.

You have to do some research on it. You will surely get many sites so do not worry. Some of the names of such sites are WolowTube, FMovies, MovieWatcher, 123movies, PrimeWire, MovieVoom, and Hulu.

7. Tubi TV

Website: https://tubitv.com/

Tubi TV - Best Unblocked Sites
Tubi TV – Best Unblocked Sites

TubiTv is an excellent online streaming portal to find lots of movies for free. It gives importance to user experience, and hence the site is attractive and easy to navigate. One can enjoy movies and TV shows without any restrictions on numbers or hours.

The registration process keeps the bots and spammers away. One can log in to this site by using a Facebook account or email. For a free site, the database is huge, and the streaming speed is also good enough.

It is also available on the Play Store and App Store. Using the modern player, you can choose the language, subtitle, and quality of video for each movie and TV show.

8. Popcornflix

Website: https://www.popcornflix.com/

Popcornflix - free unblocked movies
Popcornflix – free unblocked movies

Popcornflix.com is another known name for watching and downloading high-quality movies with a huge content host it. Anytime and anywhere you can watch movies for unlimited hours. Keep in mind that PopcornTime and Popcornflix both are different websites.

PopcornTime is a torrent-based site whereas this one is the website. Due to the torrent name, people even argue that it is illegal. Popcornflix hosts movies on their server, which is a completely legal way. Popcornflix is accessed easily from the school or college without any restriction or hassle.

9. Vumoo

Website: http://vumoo.to/

Vumoo - Best Free Unblocked Movie Sites
Vumoo – Best Free Unblocked Movie Sites

The next name on our list is Vumoo. It is a place for movie lovers to stream movies in all categories. You can find many interesting movies in the library and even easily watch them at school, college or institutes.

The interface of Vumoo looks similar to Netflix. On the homepage itself, you can find all the popular movies and the latest movies. To find from the library, search the name from the search bar and find your desired movie.

It is a place to watch Anime and TV series as well, and the best part is everything you can find here is for free. No blocked content, no hidden charges, and no signup required.

10. Hotstar

Website: https://www.hotstar.com/

Hotstar - unblocked movie sites
Hotstar – unblocked movie sites

If you are someone who enjoys Indian cinema and serials, then you must have to pick Hotstar. Hotstar is a popular online streaming platform that hosts Hotstart original content, Indian movies, live sports, TV series, and Bollywood events. It is a legal platform and is unblocked in most places.

At present, the content on the site is not so huge, but each day they are spreading their wings and adding more content and updating their database.

Currently, Hotstar is accessible in India only so if you want to access it outside India; you need a great VPN to complete this task.

11. Viewster

Website: http://viewster.com/

Viewster - unblocked movies at school
Viewster – unblocked movies at school

Viewster.com is another big name for a legal movie website. It has all the latest unblocked films, and all the content they host on the site is available for free.

You can watch the latest movies, anime series, and videos on Viewstar. Even you do not have to register or log in to access the content. Search for the movie, or pick the one from the home page, click on it, and enjoy. That’s all! But yes, you have to face irritating ads and popups.

12. Sony Crackle

Website: https://www.sonycrackle.com/

Sony Crackle - unblocked movie websites
Sony Crackle – unblocked movie websites

SonyCrackle or Crackle is one of the best unblocked movie websites to get free movies online without any blocking. It is an ad-based movie content platform that is completely legal.

You can see many movies for free at any time and any place. According to the best of my knowledge, in most places, it is unblocked. So if you are looking for a place where you can get movies of a wide variety and high resolution, your search may end here.

But unfortunately, it is accessible in some countries around the world. Let’s hope you are the lucky one.

13. MoviesNoLimit

Website: https://movienolimit.to/

As the name says, you can watch movies unlimited from different genres on this site. This site can make unblocked movies at school easily. With movies, one can also find TV series and anime. There is no restriction for the devices.

One can access it from any device they have in their hand. The regular update and some other features make it must must-visit place. It does not need an account, but if in case you want to track your favorite channels and watch history, you need to create one.

14. YahooView

Website: https://view.yahoo.com/

Yahoo has acquired Hulu and given it the name YahooView. It is a well-established streaming platform where you can find a variety of movies for free. It also has a paid subscription to watch some exclusive movies.

In many schools and colleges, this platform is not blocked so from here you can enjoy the latest movies in your free time. It also has a great library for TV series and anime series.

15. SnagFilms

Website: https://www.snagfilms.com/

Snagfilm is the next name on the list of best unblocked sites to watch movies in school and college. These sites must take place on the list when it comes to free online content streaming. In each category, it has a nice number of movies and TV shows for its users. You must have to go to this site at least once.

16. Retrovision

Website: http://retrovision.tv/

Pay attention to this option as well. On this site, you can find many free TV shows and classic movies. The genre-specific menu and search bar make finding easier. You can find the content according to the different genres like Adventure, Crime, Cartoons, Comedy, Horror, War, Sci-Fi, Drama, and Westerns.

If you want to find all the movies without any bifurcation, go to the all tab from the top of the menu bar and all done! If you want to update with the new content, then sign up for the newsletter, and with each new content, you get a notification.

17. The Roku Channel

Website: https://therokuchannel.roku.com/

Roku has recently launched the Roku channel. Even without Roku hardware, one can access this site. Here you can find many popular movies that are arranged category-wise. In most places, this channel is not blocked, and hence a student can enjoy the content without any blocking.

You need to sign up to watch movies for free. It is a legal platform, but unfortunately, at present, it is available in the United States only. But you can use a good VPN to access it in any corner of the world.

18. Pluto TV

Website: http://pluto.tv/watch/

Pluto TV has an interface similar to the TV, and it is one of the best sites present here. It offers 75+ channels that show movies, TV series, news, tech, sports, and other sections.

It is a popular platform due to some notable features including the regular update and its own movie channel. Again some of the channels are available in the US only, so you need a VPN to access them outside the USA.

19. Open Culture

Website: http://www.openculture.com/freemoviesonline

Open Culture provides HD videos, and it is a home for movies, lessons, and online courses. Yes, you have heard right. The site is divided into major six sections, and one of the sections is movies. Due to the known learning platform, it is not blocked by the institute. It has a great collection of movies with 1150+ movies.

20. Vimeo

Website: https://vimeo.com/

Vimeo - watch new movies online for free
Vimeo – watch new movies online for free

It is similar to YouTube, where you can find multiple types of videos including movies. It has a good collection of movies and documentaries. You can also find many short movies. If you pick the content from the on-demand section, then you have to pay money for it. Otherwise, it is free to watch.

Conclusion of Unblocked Movies

It is all about 20 sites to watch free unblocked movies sites at school, college and office. We hope you find most of the sites active at your restricted place. So what is the number of active sites? Share it with us. Even you can share some good names apart from the names that we have covered in the list. Thank you for reading!

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