Best Live Video Streaming Sites of 2023

Best Live Video Streaming Sites – As technology upgrading, many things get easier. One of the most necessary things is communication in today’s word. To communicate with anyone from anywhere in the world is being so easier with Live streaming platforms.

Sometimes it is unable to reach for live conference meetings too far away from your destination. Also, there should be limited seats or limitations of space to cover all the participants. In that case, Best Live video Streaming Sites comes into a role to gather all of them at one spot.

So, if you are looking to manage these types of social gatherings at one spot then you should know the Best Live video Streaming Sites of 2020 to get it done easily. Here we have provided some of the best sites with detailed information for you. So, keep reading to the end to get the full information.

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Best Live Video Streaming Sites

Best Live Video Streaming Sites

#1. YouTube


youtube live streaming

YouTube is one of the great and best Live video streaming platforms forever. By using the YouTube channel, you can go live to your audience. You can directly connect to your audience through YouTube Channel Live platform.

If you want to arrange the social gathering with the people who are far away from you at one spot then you can use YouTube Live Streaming. Don’t miss to check Free YouTube Video Downloader for PC.

Benefits of YouTube Live Streaming

  • YouTube Live Monetizing is available
  • Cost-Effectiveness
  • You Can Build Up your Brand
  • Enhance your Online Reach
  • Go live through Mobile
  • Manage Live show weekly
  • You can collaborate Live stream with another YouTube Channel Holder

#2. Facebook Live


Facebook Live streaming

Facebook is known as the second most preferable Live streaming Platform. If you have a large number of followers and subscribers to your Facebook Page, then you can use Facebook live Platform to connect with them. There is no need for Followers to enable the Facebook live feature. Anyone can go live through Facebook.

If you want to share something good with your friends on Facebook through Video, you can go directly Facebook Live and stream Live Video At there. All your Facebook friends can see you live also they can see ended up a video later.

Benefits of Facebook Live Streaming Platform

  • You can create a better relationship with your Facebook audience.
  • Share instant Information online at your Facebook Account
  • You can reach more people using Facebook Live
  • Most Desirable Live Video Streaming Platform
  • Best for Online Branding

#3. Twitch Live Stream


Twitch Live Streaming

Twitch is the best Live video Streaming Platform among all platforms. Twitch is only made for making Live stream. You can make your account using your Facebook account. A basic version of Twitch is free but f you want to get Turbo Account then you have to purchase it at $4.99. This is popular as a Gaming Platform. Check out guide about How To Host Someone On Twitch?

Benefits of Twitch Live Streaming Platform

  • Better Engagement
  • Easy to start live streaming
  • To promote your brand

#4. Dailymotion Live Stream


Dailymotion Live Stream is similar to YouTube. At both platforms, you can watch videos online and go directly to Live Stream from your channel to your followers and subscribers. Also, there is a portion of Dailymotion Games. In this platform, you can go live from your account and make your friends, followers, and subscribers watch your Live game.

Benefits of Dailymotion Live Stream

  • Unlimited Live Streams and Live Concurrent Viewers for Live Streaming
  • You can Control Live Publication
  • Live to VOD auto-recording
  • Dedicated 24/7 support

#5. Periscope


Periscope is the best Broadcasting Website for the Gaming player. Generally, this website used to broadcast the gameplay online. If you want to broadcast your Game and make people watch it, then you can directly go online through Periscope. It has the best user interface and easy to set up while going online. You can manage the setting of the recorded video to watch it later by the user. Users can replay the recorded video for 24 hours. Another interesting thing is that users can broadcast their live video to the targeted people and also share videos on Twitter.

Benefits of the Periscope Broadcast website

  • It has increased access to the guest speaker
  • You can create a multi-media project
  • It Facilitates the inter-personal / professional relationship
  • Expanding educational opportunities by Live streaming
  • Decreasing reliance on the media binary like TV and video

#6. JW Player Live

jw player live streaming

JW Player Live is popular for the video playing website. However, the company has started Live streaming featured embedded within the player. If you want to enable this feature then you will have to purchase its starter plan cost $12/ month. Check this How To Download JW Player Videos?

Benefits of the JW Player Live

  • HLS enabled so that both android and iOS system supported for Live streaming.
  • It has an Adaptive HLS. So that you can stream video with high definition 1080 resolution.
  • Users can simulcast to the Facebook live stream. They can Stream video directly on Facebook.
  • By Real-time analytics, you can track the user who is watching your video while you go live. Also, you can monetize it as well.


Besides these Live video Streaming sites, there are many other live video streaming platforms are there. But these are the best live video streaming sites. If you want to arrange the live conference then you should take over any of the listed sites to gather all your attendee at the one spot. Though some sites have few limitations. Like from YouTube Live you need at least 1k Subscriber to enable the Live streaming feature. Some sites are paid version enables this live streaming features.

Though there are still some free sites like Facebook Live, there you can go Live for free. I hope you all have enough information about the Best Live Video Streaming Site.

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