15 Best YouTube Video Downloader for PC of 2024

Looking for the best YouTube Video Downloader for PC with Features, pros & cons? Select the best free online video downloader for PC to download YouTube videos.

Most of the time it happens that we want to watch a particular YouTube video on the pc, but it also happens that we want to save it too.

YouTube is not providing the download feature, and hence, we can’t directly download it. But what if I said that one could download a YouTube video with the best YouTube video downloader.

Yes, with the help of the best video downloader, one can get their desired video on their pc or laptop. Don’t miss check free Youtube Intro maker to create your own video.

Today we are here with a guide on the top-notch YouTube video downloader for pc and how to download it. So here we are. Let’s start.

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Youtube Video Downloder for PC
Youtube Video Downloader for PC

YouTube Video Downloader For PC

Under this title, you will find a free YouTube downloader with its features, pros, and cons. So have a look at it.

#1. Gihosoft TubeGet

Website: https://www.gihosoft.com/free-YouTube-downloader.html

Gihosoft TubeGet aims to allow the users to download different videos from YouTube, and or other video streaming sites. The purpose is simple, as well as the interface of the site. The neat and clean interface is the most prominent feature that attracts the users to it.

Not only this, but Gihosoft also support the various resolution for YouTube to Mp4 videos. It can download the videos with HD, UDH, 720P, 1080P, 2K, 4K & 8K resolution quality.

The great part is it is available for both Mac and Windows platforms. Some of the integrated functions of this site are one-click download mode, whole playlist download, and a few more.

In short, the app is smart enough to save your time and save all YouTube videos to your windows pc or Mac. This best free video downloader can save the videos on other than pc like a portable hard drive, USB flash drive, or memory card with a single click.

According to the YouTube algorithm, Gihosoft TubeGet will also update the code according to new features and updates.

According to a recent update, it can download the YouTube 1080P videos, 48/60fps & age-restricted videos seamlessly and hassle-free. In case if it shows “failed” when you try to download the video, then try to update the tool to get the best possible solution.


  1. Ad-free, easy to navigate, Intuitive operations, user-friendly interface, and has no bundled software.
  2. It supports many video websites to download the content in all possible formats, including SD and HD.
  3. It can extract MP3 from a YouTube video as well.
  4. Limit the bandwidth and download more than one video at the same time.
  5. It supports the auto-generated, auto-translated, and built-in YouTube subtitles.

#2. Freemake Video Downloader


Freemake Video Downloader is to download YouTube videos on Windows PC. It is the one-stop solution for those who want to download YouTube videos on their pc. It provides multiple functions and tools for the swift experience.

One can control the downloading speed according to the acceptance range. Moreover, it can transfer videos to dropbox or Google Drive after you set the default cloud destination.

It is a safe platform and protects your information. With Freemake Video Downloader, you can watch videos on Windows, iOS, Mac, and Android platforms.

A one-click download video sets the mode with tap the toggle, and a few more are the features provided by this software. Even the steps to operate are also easy, paste the video link, choose the resolution and click on download and the video will download to your pc with a loss of video quality.


  1. It supports all versions of Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista/Server platforms in both 32-bit and 64-bit system type
  2. Meet the basic needs to download all YouTube videos
  3. Neat and clean user interface
  4. One-click download mode

#3. 4K Video Downloader

Website: https://www.4kdownload.com/products/product-videodownloader

4K Video Downloader is an intuitive application without any added or additional functions in it. It is quite concise and allows you to download the videos with the best possible quality.

In another word, once you set the smart move on, you can download videos with a single click. In this way, it saves you lots of time. Other notable feature includes a cross-platform application for Windows, Linux and Mac platform and a multilingual that supports languages like English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, German, French, and many more.

According to the latest algorithm, it saves the audio and video track separately for 1080P and higher resolutions. The 4K video downloader also saves the audio and video and combines them in one. In this way, users can download videos in 1080P, 4K, and 8K videos without hassle.

When the downloaded video is in full HD quality, you can enjoy the video without any loss of video quality on your pc. It has a free as well as a paid version. On the free version, you can download one video at one time, but with the paid version you can download 25+ videos at the same time.

Even you can subscribe to the YouTube channel to download the latest video uploaded by that particular channel. For most the users, the free version covers all the necessary features. In case if you have any problem downloading videos, update the software to download YouTube videos without any error.


  1. The simplest software with an attractive interface to download free YouTube video
  2. One-click downloading video mode
  3. Download videos in different format and resolution like MP4, MKV, MP3, M4A & OGG/ 720P 1080p, 4K & 8K
  4. Support multithread video downloading

Try 4K Video Downloader

#4. YTD Video Downloader

Website: https://www.ytddownloader.com/

The competition on YouTube is constantly increasing and adding more and more content to the platform. As a result, earning on YouTube is getting difficult. On another hand, the user gets more genuine content and novel videos.

In short, YouTube feels burned by both creators and users. As a user, we are getting more videos in multiple fields starting with cooking, science, entertainment, music, fashion, automobiles, and many more.

So if you want to download such videos on your pc, the YTD video downloader is one of the names for YouTube video downloader free download. When you open the website, you can see the free and paid version and comparison for both with all the new versions and their details.

On the free version, you can download one video at a time, so you have to wait for the next until the first one is downloaded. Another thing is you can’t download 1080P videos on the free version so you will not get the best quality video. But if you want to download 1080P HD videos, then no one can beat the YTD.

The paid version allows the user to download the videos from 60+ sites, convert videos into different formats, improve downloading speed with a single click and many more.


  1. Save the video from YouTube and other sites for free
  2. Within a few minutes, a novice learns how to use this app due to its nice interface.

5. Kastor All Video Downloader

Website: http://www.kastorsoft.com/index_en.php

For Windows 10/8/7 Kastor All Video Downloader is one of the most suitable software. It has a built-in search engine so you can search from the tool to download the video without opening any browser on your lappy or pc.

Another notable feature in a preview. Yes, before downloading the video, you can preview the video, and high-speed downloading will surely impress you without any doubt.

You can download the videos on more than 190 sites apart from YouTube — another thing to note that it also supports many adult websites to download videos. So you can download hot HD videos on your device with Kastor. It does not stop here; another versatile feature provided by this tool is support for the plugin.


  1. More versatile features and functions combined with software
  2. Preview
  3. With a built-in search engine, the user can search and download videos from the software
  4. Before downloading, one can preview the video

#6. WinX YouTube Downloader

The best YouTube downloader free depends on the preference of users and the features it provided. After trying many YouTube downloaders, I have come across this one is WinX YouTube Downloader. It is one of the great options that can satisfy your needs.

It claims that it can download videos from more than 300 sites that host videos and surprisingly it includes adult sites, too. Manually copy and paste the video link in the respective field, pick the resolution for the video, and click on the download tab. And video will start downloading for offline use.

It has a dynamic analyzer which completely different from the Gihosoft TubeGet & 4K Video Downloader which can update the code when YouTube changes its algorithm without any new installation of the package. The only disadvantage of this YouTube downloader is that it can’t support multi-stream downloads and can’t save subtitles at the same time with videos.


  • Download HD, UHD and MP4 videos in the free version
  • The operation does not suck as it is simple to operate
  • Compatible with more than 300 sites including adult sites

#7. aTube Catcher

Website: http://www.atube.me/

Some people feel relaxed while watching different YouTube videos, but sometimes it happens that they can’t go online to watch them, and in such circumstances, the best free YouTube downloader comes to the rescue.

It is true, especially when you are somewhere out of the network coverage area or without Wi-Fi. But with the right software, you can enjoy the videos by bypassing all the restrictions of downloading and accessing all of them.

The powerful features of such a downloader convert the process in merely two clicks and make it easy for users. One such software is aTube Catcher, which is quite versatile and can do multiple things for the user’s satisfaction.

It can download the online videos from YouTube, convert them into popular formats, record the onscreen video with a built-in screen recorder and many more. It has so many functions to offer, and once you try it, I bet you would like to use it more and more.


  • Can download multiple videos at the same time
  • The built-in screen recording feature

#8. Airy

Website: https://www.airy-YouTube-downloader.com/

Airy is one of the best YouTube downloaders for free downloads for windows 10, 7, 8 and Mac. It can save HD & UHD videos from YouTube. It aims to make the downloading process of YouTube videos easier.

What you need is a link to a video, copy it and paste it into this software, choose the ideal resolution, and as you click on the download, you will get the video on your device within a few seconds to a few minutes depending upon the size of the video.

Airy has both Windows and Mac versions as well as the free and paid version. From its interface, you can say it is a strong app. Neat and clean interface without any bugs except for the essential functions that a downloader needs.

The free version allows the user to download two videos only to test it, and if you like it, you can get the paid version. The pro version allows batch downloading and downloading videos in the playlist at the same time. But it is worth it to pay.


  1. Clean and intuitive layout
  2. Malware free
  3. Can download video from the playlist
  4. Download the video from where you left it in case you paused it

#9. ClipGrab

Website: https://clipgrab.org/

If you would ask for my recommendation that I must say the ClipGrab as one of the names. It is free software, but when you download it, you have to be careful. It has a comprehensive downloading capacity.

To download videos, you do not have to go for the browser to search it as it has a built-in browser. Even you can copy the link to the video and download it.

It also has a proxy setting, so you have to input the port and IP and the proxy will configure successfully. It can easily download YouTube video and extracts the audio as well and save it as an MP3 file.


  1. With a built-in search bar, you can search for YouTube video
  2. Contain proxy server
  3. Download multiple videos at the same time
  4. Resume the downloading from wherever you left

#10. Clip Converter


Do you think that YouTube downloader free download can hold a space on your pc, and hence you avoid getting such software? But if I said that to download the videos from YouTube, you do not need any software.

Yes, it is true for Clip Converter as it is a web-based application that does not need any download or installation on your pc. Open the site, paste the link and get it on your pc or laptop. The benefit of the web-based site is you do not have to worry about your operating system, whether it is windows, ma, iOS, Android, Linux, or any other.

It can support multiple resolutions for videos from 480P, 720P, 1080P to 2K, 4K & 8K, and it is another important thing, you do not have to go through the registration process.

It performs well on all the online sites it focuses on including YouTube. Unfortunately, it can’t download the videos with music or those with the Vevo label. Even it does not support the 60fps videos on YouTube with a resolution above 1080P.

But this downside does not make it imperfect as it is one of the best YouTube downloaders for Windows 10.


  1. Compatible with all well-known browser
  2. It can download videos with a resolution of up to 8K

#11. VideoProc

Website: https://www.videoproc.com/

Another name in our list of best video downloaders for YouTube is VideoProc. Without this name, the list would be incomplete. With the increasing competition, this tool is one of the names that are in the trend. It combines multiple features in one single app and makes it more powerful and all-in-one software for the users. It saves time and money both.

The main feature includes a video editor, video downloader, DVD conversion & backup, and screen recorder. The editing features include merge, cop, cut, apply effects, convert videos, add subtitles, and a few more.

The inbuilt screen recording feature allows the user to capture video from the desktop screen or via webcam or from both at the same time but with picture-in-picture mode. All together makes it must have a tool for all the people around the world to love sports, games, educators, and live enthusiasts.

This powerful video downloader is equipped with a video downloader engine, and downloads multiple videos, music, 60 fps videos, playlists, and closed captions together from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and many other sites that host videos. It can download the video with a resolution of up to 8K hassle-free.


  1. Support many video site
  2. East to surf and use
  3. Support private videos, 4K & 8K videos, and easily download from YouTube.
  4. Compatible with all Windows OS

#12. YouTube By Click

Website: https://www.YouTubebyclick.com/

Almost every software frequently updates with time to fix bugs and support the latest system or algorithm. Most of the tools we have covered in this list support windows 10/8/7 so what to do if you are using Windows XP, Vista, or Windows Server 2003? Then for such a system, this tool can help you.

If you want to download YouTube videos on your old Windows PC, YouTube By Click is the best to name that is compatible with the old Windows versions. It is developed by Click Inc for windows users and works on both 32-bit as well as 64-bit systems.

It supports many video sites like YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Instagram, Dailymotion, etc. and allows you to download videos from it. According to the name, it can download the videos with a single click with a nice download speed. Even it supports bulk video downloading.

This software comes in two versions: free with limited features and a premium version. On the premium version, you can download as many videos as you want with HD & UHD and even big videos with more than 60 minutes. You can also extract the subtitles, download a number of videos at the same time, and yes the private Facebook and YouTube video is no exception.


  1. With one click, download the whole Instagram pages
  2. YouTube video downloading in 1080P, 4K, and 8K
  3. Up to date and frequently updated as soon as YouTube changes its algorithm

#13. MassTube


When you open YouTube, it will suggest you some videos under the recommended video windows according to your past search history. It covers multiple topics like automobiles, animation, movies, music, talk shows, etc.

The algorithm prefers to give the preference to the user so that they can easily find what they are looking for and spend more time on YouTube. With the highest number of videos, YouTube is undoubtedly the number one video streaming site, but when you want it offline, the web browser does not support it.

Yes, the mobile app has the save option, but it can’t download the video. So to watch your favorite videos, offline MassTube is a place that can easily download all YouTube videos by bypassing all the restrictions.

MassTube is a lightweight yet powerful tool. It can quickly download the videos from YouTube with HD 720P, Full HD 1080P, UHD 4K & 8K resolutions. It supports all popular video formats like MP4, WebM, OGG, and a few more.

It works perfectly on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 & 10 and yes the history manager is also there for you.


  1. Compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, 8.1 and Vista
  2. Easily download the HD and UHD videos on pc or laptop
  3. No need to log in or registration

#14. Softorino YouTube Converter 2

Website: https://softorino.com/youtube-converter/

YouTube is one of the popular names and available for more than a decade. It completely dominates the online streaming platform with its huge database of content in all possible fields including funny videos, education, animation, Vlogs, product review, online lessons for the instrument, study, languages, and many more.

Enter the keyword in the search bar, and you will get all relevant suggestions and videos in the result. Nearly five million videos are watched per day; there is no surprise that users are getting more and more attracted to this platform.

One can watch the videos as well as upload them on this platform. But the downside is that the user can’t download the videos directly on the site. But to make this task easySoftorino YouTube Converter 2 is the name that comes to help you with both Windows and Mac versions.

It is another all-in-one software on our list which can download videos, ringtones, audio, etc. from many sites. Even it can transfer all the downloaded stuff of Apple devices like MacBook, iPhone & iPad. Just copy the URL, paste it into the search bar, choose the video quality and format and download.


  1. Transfer the videos on iOS devices in the presence of Wi-Fi
  2. Convert videos into ringtones
  3. Can download 4K/60FPS, playlist, subtitle, and channel from YouTube with a single click

#15. YouTube Downloader Pro

Website: http://www.youtubedownloaderpro.com/

Each minute tons of videos are watched on YouTube, and out of all, finding success in the video is a hard task. It needs experiments and smart work. For the user, YouTube always recommends the popular video that gets millions of views and likes and saves our time to find the videos.

Most people want to download videos that are popular and provide high quality for offline watching n the pc or desktop or laptop.

You need a YouTube downloader to download a YouTube video. And one of the famous and last names in our list of such apps is YouTube Downloader Pro which can rip YouTube videos for you.

It is a quick, fuss-free video downloader and converts for windows pc. Your download speed boosts up by up to 500% faster and thanks to a multithreading accelerator. Do not worry as it is easy to use and download HD, UHD, QHD, 8K, 4K, 2K, FHD 1080P, HD 720P, 3D, and 360 VR videos from YouTube.


  1. Batch downloading of video
  2. Boost up speed up to 500%
  3. Integrate with Firefox and Internet Explorer

How To Download Youtube Videos On Windows PC?

After going through the 15 best YouTube video downloaders, now it’s time to show you how you can download the videos.

The steps are easy and hardly need your minute to understand. So here are the easy steps to get the YouTube Videos on Windows PC or Mac

Step #1: First of all, open YouTube and search for the video that you want to download.

Step #2: Right-click on the video and choose the “copy the video URL” option

Step #3: Now open the YouTube video downloader and in the desired column paste it.

Step #4: Choose video resolution and format and click on the download tab.

It will start downloading the video and when it completes it shows a notification on your screen.

FAQ for YouTube Video Downloader

Why use a YouTube Video Downloader?

You can watch videos on YouTube, but you can’t download videos from YouTube directly. That is why YouTube Video Downloader comes in to picture. YouTube video downloader allows you to download videos from various video-hosting websites, including YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, and Facebook. You can directly download videos and store them on your local device, i.e., PC.

What are the general features of a Video Download Application?

The general feature of a Video Download application is to download videos from various video-streaming websites, including YouTube. In addition to this, there are some advanced features are also included in a Video Download Application:

  • Video Compressing with specifying an encoder rate, output size, and resolution.
  • High video downloading speed.
  • Video Save Playlists.
  • Video storage to online drives like Google Drive, One Drive, or Dropbox.
  • Sharing videos via email.
  • The user-friendly interface of the application or site.

Is it safe to use YouTube Video Downloader?

Generally, YouTube Video Downloader apps are safe to download and use on the device. However, one thing is essential to take in mind that always download YouTube Video Downloader from a reliable and trusted source.

If you download from any unreliable source, it may contain some malware or virus; that can damage your system. You can also look at the ratings and reviews of the application before downloading them. It will help you to select the best YouTube Video Download app.

How to save videos from YouTube to your phone?

For saving videos from YouTube to Phone, follow these steps:

Step #1: First, you need to copy and paste the URL of the YouTube video in the Video Downloader app 4k Video Downloader or SnapDownloader search bar.

Step #2: Now Follow the screen instructions and download videos in a specific resolution.

Step #3: Then, select the downloading path and save it to your phone or PC.

What formats are supported by Video Download Application?

You can download various video formats from the Video Download app. Most of them support MP4, 3GP, MOV, WMV, AVI, and many more. You can choose any of them before downloading them. YouTube Downloading app also supports MP3 and WAV formats for extracting audio files from videos.


It is all about the best YouTube video downloader for PC. Most of them are desktop-based software, but if you do not want it, then we have also covered the web-based software as well. Some can resume the downloading task from where you paused while leaving, whereas some need to start over again.

Yes, no one is perfect as each has its cons and pros. The same is true for software, each one has some bugs but to enjoy the service you want you have to bear some downsides of it.

So what is your view? And which software do you like the best or want to recommend a few names that are not covered in the list? If yes, then the comment box is all yours. Start typing. Thank you!

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