5 Best Voice Changer Apps for Discord [2022]

Best Voice Changer Apps for Discord – If you are a game lover, then you must know about Discord. And if you do not know, then it is the best gaming chat out there, and almost all pro gamers are it is daily. Not only text but voice changer discord is also offered a voice-based chat service. Being a gamer, I am personally using voice changer programs to change my voice while talking on Discord.

I love to do it; you know it’s fun. Apart from fun, people use it for privacy reasons as they do not want to reveal their identity. Leave it; whatever the reason is, what I know is voice changer for discord is an excellent tool. If you are also interested in such a tool, today I am here with some information that might be useful to you. Yes, I am here with Best Voice Changer Apps for Discord. Without any extra information, let’s move to the name directly.

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Best Voice Changer Apps for Discord

Best Voice Changer Apps for Discord

1. Voicemod

Website: https://www.voicemod.net/

The first name of the list is Voicemod. It is best to voice modifier for discord. You can use it on Discord. It is pretty easy to use. With the best service and tons of different voices to use, I have some amazing features to apply.

Not only for Discord, but Voicemod is also compatible with other chat applications such as PUBG, Skype, Fortnite, Hangout, Mumble, and few more. Different from other, Voicemod converts the sound that seems more natural, whereas some other apps can’t able to do it. Out of all mods, some of the user-favorite mods are a cave, possessed, cathedral, and kong.

There are more than a hundred mods and you can any of them. What it needs is an app on your device and done. It is for Windows OS only, and you will get a free trial. But for regular service, you have to pay $14.99.

2. ClownFish

Website: https://www.clownfish-translator.com/voicechanger/

ClownFish is another free voice changer for discord for windows OS. You can change your voice while playing games with this software. Voice chatting seems more comfortable with it, without revealing identity.

No need to worry about your system level as it can be installed on all system which uses a microphone. With the microphone, the app modifies your sound. It also works with other apps like Mumble, TeamSpeak, Skype, Steam, and Hangouts, along with Discord.

Like Voicemod, ClownFish can’t offer your hundreds of mods, but with available effects, it works relatively nice. The effect which I like most is male, Atari, Robot, Alien, female, radio, and baby. For me, it is straightforward to use; even for first-time users, it is best to start from — no worry of set up.

If you want an overall free program that works as a free voice changer for Discord, go for this: no hidden charges, no in-app purchase, or no charges.

3. AV Voice Changer Software

Website: https://www.audio4fun.com/voice-changer.htm

AV Voice Changer Software is a kind of tool that mostly used by professionals. The reason behind it is this voice changer is a more professional kind of tool that can be used in real-time with Discord and Twitch.

You have to do double work with this app if you want your sound more natural. Record your audio on AV voice changer and then go to the waveform to edit it. You can easily modify all the characteristics of the voice and access all the features of the app quickly.

Whether you want to change your voice more masculine, robotic, recorded, feminine, older, younger, deep or high, you can modify it in the way you want. With its advanced virtual driver technology, the software makes compatible with most of the VoIP programs, webchat apps, and role-playing games.

This software is designed for windows platform. The free trial is also available. Apart from that, there are three versions as per price. The basic version costs you $29.95, the gold version costs you $39.95, and the diamond version cost you $99.95.

4. MorphVox Jr

Website: http://screamingbee.com/morphvox-free-voice-changer

The next big name in the list of best voice changer for discord is MorphVox Jr. It is a free voice changer tool with great audio effects. The tool works on the Windows platform and has some amazing built-in sound and voice effects like man, robot, woman, child, and others.

If you are men, then you can convert your voice in women and vice-versa. It uses the best sound change effects to makes your voice more natural as close to normal. Some downside is also there to use this free app. See, nothing is free, and hence you have to tackle the annoying ads. Another one is the setup process; it is not as simple as other names in this list. And also, working on the app is a bit tough. But if you want better sound quality after spending lots of hours to learn, you might go with this name.

5. Voxal Voice Changer

Website: https://www.nchsoftware.com/voicechanger/

The last program in the list is on our list of voice changer for discord is Voxal Voice Changer. You know there is a difference between all other apps than this. How? It supports Windows and Web both versions. You do not need an app in case if you do not want to hold the space on your system.

You can record the voice in real-time and apply effects on the recorded voices. Two works in a single app! Using with Discord, it makes sure that there is no time delay in real-time. In short, you do not have to worry while talking on Discord.

Effect library of the app includes men, women, boy, girl, robot, alien, atmospheric, echo, and others. This app also works with other voice chat services like Hangouts and Skype. As I already said, it supports Windows and Web platforms. It offers a free trial, but for the paid version, you have to pay $29.99.


It is all about apps for discord voice changer. Hopefully, you like the details we have shared here. According to my point of view, you have to use it once. Not necessary that you would like it for serious reasons only. Come on; this thing is too much fun. Try it with your friends in the sound of a baby or robot and talk some serious shit with them. And you will realize what are you missing.

If you are streaming video, with these apps, you can add some comedy stuff on the video while streaming. Go and check the apps and let us know which one you like the most. Also, don’t forget to share your experience. Enjoy your new sound!

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