Best Free Antivirus App For Android [2022]

Secure your Android device with the best free antivirus app for Android.

At present Android is one of the known as well as one of the widely used operating systems. To secure such a platform from malware, antivirus, and bugs, it must require the best android antivirus on your device.

Due to Android’s popularity, many times Google’s os target Android, and hence you need some solid protection, and today we are here with the same topic for you. Yes, you are right, today we are here with the topic best antivirus for android. So let’s start.

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Best Free Antivirus App For Android
Best Free Antivirus App For Android

Best Free Antivirus App For Android

Irrespective of the Android device you used, the must-have thing is the best free antivirus for Android smartphones or tablets. If you are here, so I can assume that you are looking for the best android security app and here we have listed 10 of the best antivirus tools, apps, and software for Android.

Out of 10, almost 90% of apps can run an automatic scan and actively remove all the cache, unnecessary files, malicious and suspicious web pages, and files. Even it shows a warning for such files if you wish to download or open it.

1. Avast Mobile Security

Avast Antivirus App for Android
Avast Antivirus App for Android

Avast is a known name in the field of antivirus for Android as well as pc. It protects many devices worldwide not only Android but many more.

It follows a single click scanning process to scan and throw out viruses, trojans, and malware that affect your device and its performance.

Using the in-app purchase, you can remove ads and access some advanced features like app locking, SIM security, camera trap, etc.

It also has two versions; paid and free. The free version integrates many special features like protecting against viruses and threats. With all such features, this app is worth trying to scan and remove all the spam and viruses from your Android device.


Special Features:

  • For safe web browsing, web shield is there
  • Block unwanted access of photographs using the photo vault
  • App insights to find out the total time you spend on each app
  • Clear all the residual files and cache with a junk cleaner

2. McAfee Mobile Security & Lock

MaAfee Free Antivirus for Android
MaAfee Free Antivirus for Android

McAfee has known the name in pc security. The same is true for the Android platform. This best antivirus app for Android has won many notable awards from the first year of release.

It provides one of the highest advanced features including anti-theft features, Wi-Fi security, security lock, memory cleaner, battery optimizer, etc. and all these features are available for free. What I like about this app is that it provides a video tutorial for each feature so that users can understand and use it properly to improve their device’s performance.

The pro version is also there which has some extra features but compared to other apps, McAfee is costly. For the pro version, set up a little complicated. But undoubtedly, it is the best antivirus app for android when it comes to protecting your device from all kinds of sorts.


Special Features

  • Capture the photographs of intruders with thief cam
  • In the case of the mobile device is lost or theft, it can remotely wipe all the data from the device.
  • Anti-theft protection
  • Uninstall protection which stops the thief to uninstalling McAfee app
  • Android Wear devices support

3. Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus

Kaspersky Best Antivirus for Android
Kaspersky Best Antivirus for Android

The first name in the list of best free antivirus for android mobile is Kaspersky. It is one of the best and remarkable security app.

It has two versions; one is free, and another one is the paid version. The free version has in-app purchases but does not worry without buying anything; the app can scan viruses and malware.

The paid version provides anti-theft, real-time protection, anti-phishing, and an app locker to provide an extra layer of security to your mobile and the data hidden inside it. It provides a 30-day free trial version where you can access all the premium features for free.


Special Features:

  • Unwanted and spam calls blocking
  • Strong protection against Trojans, viruses, and malware
  • In the case of phone loss, find my phone feature helps you
  • Checking of malware in downloaded apps with the help of Background apps check

4. Bitdefender Antivirus Free

Bitdefender Best Antivirus for Android
Bitdefender Best Antivirus for Android

Bitdefender Antivirus is one of the best security apps for android. It is a powerful tool and protects against almost all major threats of android.

The app is also small in size and uses cloud scanning technology. It makes the app super-fast in terms of scanning. In addition to super-fast scanning, it reduces the battery draining rate and does not slow down your device. As soon as you install the app, it provides real-time protection to your Android device.

It provides a paid version, but as a free version, it provides 14 days trial version to decide whether you should invest money in it or not.

In the free version, you can access all advanced features, including mobile security, antivirus scanning, malware scanner, web security, account privacy, anti-theft, and app locker.


Special Features:

  • Access block website with in-app integrated VPN
  • Trusted Wi-Fi unlocking app feature
  • Scan malware while surfing on the web
  • Android Wear devices support

5. AVG AntiVirus

AVG Best Antivirus for Android Phone
AVG – Best Antivirus for Android Phone

AVG AntiVirus is a robust and best antivirus for android phones, which is developed by AVG Technologies and you know why I trust this tool so much because it is a subsidiary of Avast software.

It offers all the standard functions that a modern and best antivirus for android phones required. It provides internet security, periodic scans, junk cleaner, Wi-Fi security, call blocker, ram booster, power saver, etc. features to its users.

Some of the advanced features are available in the pro version, which can be accessed for free if you go for the trial version of 14 days.

The add-on apps shown by this app include AVG secure VPN, AVG Cleaner, Gallery app, and Alarm Clock Xtreme, which are available in the Play Store.


Special Features:

  • Dual-engine antivirus scanning to remove viruses and malicious content
  • Extended battery life and performance-boosting feature
  • Lock photographs inside the photo vault and restrict the access for the third person
  • Surveillance agent record audio and capture photos from the phone via the website remotely

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6. Security Master

Security Master Best Android Antivirus App
Security Master – Best Android Antivirus App

It is possible that you have not listened to the name of this app that is Security Master as it is an upgraded version of the CM Security.

It is the best android antivirus app for your device. It has a notable number of downloads all over the world and yes, good ratings as well.

It has enough power to keep your device safe from all kinds of malware and viruses. It comes up with two different versions; one is paid, and another one is free. The free version has notable security features like scanner, app locker, Wi-Fi security, message security, notification cleaner, junk cleaner, CPU cooler, phone booster, battery saver, call blocker, etc.

Another great feature is it allows the user t browse their favorite apps like Facebook, Instagram, and others within the app itself. In short, it is an excellent app to provide the best possible security to your android smartphone and tablet.

Special Features:

  • Open all those websites which are blocked in your region with the help of Safeconnect VPN
  • Intruder selfie feature to capture pictures of trespassers
  • Anti-theft alarm to save your device
  • Hide all notifications with message security feature

7. Norton Security & Antivirus

Norton Free Android Antivirus App
Norton – Free Android Antivirus App

Norton Security & Antivirus is a comparatively new name in the market for best phone antivirus. But with impressive features and security, more than 10,000,000 users download this app on their Android devices.

It provides a 100% detection rate and completely removes all viruses, spyware, threat, and malware that affect your device’s performance. If you miss your device, then t can trigger an alarm to find out your device. The remotely lock feature prevents data theft, and yes, it blocks all spam and unwanted calls and SMS.

It also provides some separate apps like a password manager and app locker, which are available in the play store for free. It provides 30 das free trial version, where you can enjoy advanced and pro features without any trouble.


Special Features

  • Notify all unsecured Wi-Fi connections with Wi-Fi scanning feature
  • Safe Search feature to show a red flag for all unsafe websites while surfing
  • Block all unwanted and spam messages and calls
  • Click the pic of the person who does not have authority to access your device

8. Sophos Mobile Security

Sophos Best Android Antivirus App
Sophos – Best Android Antivirus App

Sophos is the best android antivirus app and even in 2016; it won the AV-TEST awards. For Android devices, this app works excellently. While using this app, you do not have to face any advertisement, and the features are outstanding.

It provides malware protection, access to loss and theft protection, security adviser, app locker, call blocker, and authenticator.

More than 1 million people download this app from the google play store. The reason behind these much large number of downloads is its strong protection against viruses, Trojans, and malware. It kicks out all the threats and optimizes your device’s performance.


Special Features

  • Block all malicious websites from the web using a web filter
  • Protect the individual app with a password
  • Block app spam calls and unwanted messages
  • Wi-Fi security for unsecured Wi-Fi connection

9. DFNDR Security

DFNDR Security Best Antivirus for Android Phone
DFNDR Security – Best Antivirus for Android Phone

DFNDR is another name for the best antivirus for android phones who secured its name in AV-TEST Institute’s award. It optimizes your device’s performance.

It is a one-stop solution that protects your device. The notable feature includes scanning, anti-hacking, and anti-phishing. It closes all apps that running in the background and speed up our internet connection and improve the battery life of your device.

Yes, you have to face ads that seem to be irritating and annoying; however, you can remove ads by picking up a subscription package.


Special Features

  • Anti-phishing and anti-hacking protection
  • Remove cache and junk files using the Quick cleanup feature lock the app with a passcode or fingerprint scanning and all thanks to its inbuilt AppLock technology
  • Regular updates to utilize the antivirus to its full extent

10. Avira Antivirus Security

Avira Best Antivirus for Android Smartphones
Avira – Best Antivirus for Android Smartphones

Avira Antivirus is not such a popular name like its other competitors wor other names on this list of the best antivirus for Android smartphones. But according to my, it is equally reliable like its competitors.

This full-featured app provides the majority of its feature for free. It provides the best virus protection for Android devices. The software can scan the external storage for antivirus and privacy protection and rate the app on the privacy scale. It can also track the location of your phone with a cell phone tracker.

In case of losing your device, this software helps the person who wants to return it to you. Premium version provides you extra protection like additional browser security, camera protection, etc. One can easily buy these features using the in-app purchase of the app.


Special Features:

  • Privacy adviser tells which app collects your private data
  • Avoid snooping attacks and improve security with camera and mic protection
  • Protection from ransomware attacks with the Ant-ransomware
  • Malware protection in the device and on the web both


So it is all about the best android virus scanner. We hope you like the list we have made for you. Do you know any other best free antivirus android? If yes, then you can share it with us using the comment section below.

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