10 Apps To Check Who Viewed My Instagram Profile/Account

Learn how you can check who viewed my Instagram profile or account. Get the list of apps to check who stocks you on Instagram.

Instagram is one of the best and most famous photo and video-sharing platforms where many exciting features are available. Some of them are posting and editing videos and pictures, making reels, following others, seeing their accounts, and chatting with them. But can you see who views your Instagram account? Many people who use Instagram will be very much interested in finding the answer to this question. So, is it possible?

Yes, it is possible with some applications available on the Play Store and App Store. Individuals, businesses, bloggers, content creators, etc., are using Instagram for different reasons. For example, businesses are using it for their marketing and becoming a brand. It means they should know what kinds of people are seeing pages and their trends. For that, they need to ask the question “Who viewed my Instagram?” to themselves. The answer to this question here are 10 apps to see who stalks your Instagram.

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Can You See Who Views Your Instagram?

Instagram allows you to see other’s accounts, but you don’t know who stalks your account. It is where the problem arises. The main question that runs on people’s minds who use Instagram is who viewed my Instagram? However, there is no official method to check that. But this article will help you find out those people who scan your profile frequently and help you out in many ways.

Why Should You Use These Apps?

Imagine that someone you don’t know, not on your friend’s list, and who doesn’t follow you on Instagram stalks your account. You will not know anything about this because Instagram does not track stalkers and check who has checked your profile. So you can be in danger. It is where you should use these apps to know about the person. So in a way, it can increase privacy and increase Instagram security. And also, public figures, celebrities, and even some people are crazy about getting popular. So if you want to check how popular you are, you need to know how many people see your account and who views your Instagram app.

10 Best Apps To Check Who Viewed Your Instagram Account

The below list provides some of the apps to see who stalks your Instagram.

1. Follower Analyzer

It is one of the many apps available out there to find out who viewed your profile. This app will help you to see who stalks you on Instagram. You can find this app on Google PlayStore, and this app is available for only Android users. Install the app, register your Instagram account in it, and you are finished.

With this app’s help, you can see even those who are not following you back. You can also find a profile of people who either don’t like or always like/comment on your posts. You can find the post with the highest likes and highest comments. You can do the same for videos too.

It is one of the great apps that find the people who are tagged in your post. The best part of this app analyzes any account’s status like top liker, highest tagged profile, top commenters, etc.

Notable Features:

  • Find people who are not following you
  • Find out lost followers
  • View all follower’s data such as likes, comments, etc
  • View your top liked and top commented posts
  • View your top-watched video
  • See the people who are tagged often in your post


2. Followers Insight for Instagram, Tracker, Analyzer App

This app helps you to see about the stalkers who keep an eye on your Instagram account. With this app, you can also analyze the media’s popularity or an account that tagged you. This app becomes very useful when it comes to tracking.

Apart from this, you can find out all the hashtags you have used in any of your posts. I like its location analysis feature. You will get a detailed report on all the lost followers, profiles not following you back, and media popularity rank.

Notable features:

  • Find out who stalks your profile
  • Find all hashtags in your profile
  • Report for lost followers
  • Report for people who are not following back
  • Location analysis feature


3. FollowMeter for Instagram

FollowMeter does an in-depth report on your Instagram account and tells everything about what you need to know. 3 million users trust FollowMeter. However, this app is not entirely free, and it has a subscription plan to reveal all the features it provides. It acts as a manager for your Instagram account.

Now you can track all your followers, unfollowers, people who view your Instagram stories, and much more. If you want an app that is fast and accurate, you can consider FollowMeter for sure.

This app’s powerful tracker allows you to access deep insights and monitor your account. No matter whether you are using Android or iOS, the app is available for both.

Notable Features:

  • Reports about unfollower and follower growth
  • Find who is not following or block you
  • View the people who liked your photos the most
  • Discover those anonymous followers



4. Followers and Likes tracker for Instagram -Repost

Many users say that this app does more secure Instagram account analysis than other apps. You can reach metrics about reposts. This app is an advanced analytics tool for Instagram.

Its simple design is its charm for many users. Of course, who doesn’t have a user-friendly interface? Whether someone blocked you or not, you can find all the scrolling people through your profile.

It also shares who blocked you or deactivated your account. Even you can compare likes and posts of different accounts. The top-notch security is another plus point of the Followers and Like Tracker app.

Notable Features:

  • User-friendly and simple design
  • Gives the list of who blocked you
  • Tells about who deactivated their account
  • Able to compare likes and comments
  • More secure than other apps
  • Can identify your fake followers, mutual followers, and stalkers


5. Who Stalker- Follower Analytics for Instagram

This app can track your secret stalkers on Instagram. Apart from this, this app notifies you quickly about who unfollowed or blocked you from their list. This app is one of the best and most reliable tools for an Instagram account analysis.

This app also has different subscription plans to get the exclusive features available in the app. Some of its noteworthy features include follower analysis, follower increase/decrease tracking, followers who stopped following you, who blocked you, admire, performance tracking, profile visitors, and more.

It is a free app, but you can upgrade it with its paid plans if you want. It has a weekly, monthly, and yearly subscription option.

Notable Features:

  • Good UI and beginner-friendly
  • Speed notifications about unfollowers and blocked users
  • Can track your stalkers and notify you


6. Find My Stalker

Like the Followers and Likes tracker for Instagram, this app is also a more secure, more accurate, and reliable app than the other apps. This app works exactly like its name. This app is free, but it has only limited features.

However, with a subscription or paid plan, you can get all the app features listed on the app function part. You can pick one out of three subscription options: Weekly, monthly, or yearly to find out all secret people and their activities.

Notable Features:

  • Find who stalks your account and who visits your account
  • Detailed analysis about who speaks behind you and who is sneaky
  • Shows a list of active and inactive followers of you
  • Notifications about who blocked you or unfollowed you
  • More reliable than others


7. InLog – Who viewed my profile on Instagram Analyze

Want to know who stalked, blocked, or stopped following you? If yes, the InLog app is excellent for finding out the curious names of your activity.

It shares who views your profile with other relatable actions. Trust me; this app has everything. It can also help to recover your Instagram account if you have forgotten your password. It works like a charm. No glitches, no errors. This app also has a subscription plan to avail of all the exclusive features.

Notable Features:

  • Find who stalks on your account
  • Find the anonymous person who visits your account
  • Get notified quickly about other users’ profile changes
  • Get notified if anyone has unfollowed or blocked you
  • Recognize your inactive followers


8. Stalker Reports – Follower Analytics for Instagram

This app is beneficial when it comes to getting information about stalkers. But this app also has subscription plans to get all the features. The best part is this app comes without ads in the free version itself!

I like its follower and visitors analysis feature most. Also, it shows instant notifications for a block or unfollowing function. It means you can have a look at all the people who even come to your profile.

You can see and share the performance tracking of the app. The user interface is relatively easy to navigate, and anyone can use it. Do you think you need anything else than these?

Notable Features:

  • Follower Analysis of stalkers and visitors
  • Instant notification about all actions
  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • Sharing performance tracking
  • Tracking the count of followers and unfollowers


9. Visitors Pro App

Visitors Pro App is only available for iOS users. This app acts like an Instagram view tracker. This app will satisfy all your needs. The user-friendly interface and support for iPhone 7, iPhone 7 plus, and iOS9 is 2 notable thing about this app.

If you want to find out your 5 most active visitors to your app, you can quickly look at it. You can share the results on multiple platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and others.

Install this app, and it will collect your Instagram data. After that, it does an in-depth analysis and provides you the accurate results of the stalkers who viewed your Instagram. This app also has a subscription plan to reveal all the features.

Notable Features:

  • Does a deep analysis
  • Lists your top 5 most active visitors
  • Shows your most active follower
  • Share your results on social networks and messengers
  • The analytics tool provides you with a 100% understanding of your Instagram account.


10. Social Plus for Instagram

It is one of the best apps to see who stalks your Instagram. This app provides the most accurate results about your Instagram account. You can check your stats in your daily dashboard, which tells about daily insights, followers, and stories. It shows HD images of profile pictures.

It is only available for iOS users, and you can find this app on Apple’s App Store. You should upgrade to the premium subscription to enjoy daily-updated reports with extra features. Subscriptions are renewed weekly or yearly, and prices may vary in different countries.

Notable Features:

  • Track who unfollowed or followed you
  • Easy to use and user-friendly
  • In-depth analysis and 100% accurate results
  • Provides a list of people who are not following you back
  • Engage with your fans
  • Search inside any report



In this post, we have listed some of the best apps that can answer the question, “Can you see who views your Instagram?”. Use the reports to be more secure while using Instagram, and also, you can also get popular or grow your business on Instagram.

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