10 Best iPhone Emulator for PC – iOS Emulators for Windows & Mac [2021]

iPhone emulator for PC are a kind of software that replicates the iPhone device hardware so that iOS users can easily access iOS apps and games on other devices.

If you are a Windows OS user and want to iOS games on your pc, then you must need an iPhone emulator for the PC. I know you live in the era of the digital generation and if you are a gamer, then you must know the fun of emulators to play iOS games on pc. For those who do not know about iOS emulators, then do not worry as we are here with detailed information related to iOS emulators for PC.

An emulator is nothing but software that emulates video games from the original system like Nintendo 64, the Game Boy Advance, and PlayStation-PS. At present, the advanced systems can host almost all video games.

Another thing is they do not provide only games, but all type of apps as well. Yes, iOS emulator for Windows 10 provides you with all the apps that one can enjoy on their iPhone.

In short, you are here then you must searching for PC emulators that you can use to run the iOS app on your pc with the same interface provided by iPhone. If this is the same case, you are lucky as we have prepared a list of iPhone emulator for Windows that let you run all the apps on your pc or laptop.

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iOS Emulator for PC
iOS Emulator for PC

Best iPhone Emulator For PC

iOS emulator is mainly used to run iOS apps and games on Windows PC. Official iOS apps and games not available for PC but with this iPhone emulator you can use it on PC. Here we mention the best iPhone emulator for PC which you can download and use on a Windows computer.

#1. AIR iPhone

AIR iPhone - best ios emulator for pc
AIR iPhone – Best iOS Emulator for PC

AIR iPhone is one of the greatest emulators as it was developed with the AIR framework by Adobe. Abobe is the developer of popular PDF software and some less-known tools. Why it is excellent because you know the structure of the software and are familiar with the software interface to use. Even for those who never used the AIR before, or the first-time user, the emulator provides a user-friendly interface.

Within a few minutes, it can download to the system and the installation process is also hassled free. A simple and two-step process for this particular app and once it is done, you can enjoy all iOS applications on your Windows pc.

This software is compatible with plenty of platforms, and developers so that users can use it on the desktop as well as on mobile. With this app, you can use other software like Flash, ActionScript, and Flex.

You can also use all those apps that you have installed on your emulator similarly as one uses it on their iPhone or iPad but the bigger screen. In short, it ensures that users easily and quickly get all the app of iOS on their pc and get a similar experience like iPhone.


#2. Ripple Emulator

Ripple Emulator - iPhone emulator for windows
Ripple Emulator – iPhone emulator for windows

This iPhone emulator provides you with a multiple platform experiences and a high-quality mobile environment. In particular, it was developed for the development of the mobile HTML-5 app and the testing of the app.

Different from other apps, it is a Google Chrome browser extension and is available on Google’s Chrome store, but it is powerful.

It will provide a quick view of the end-user experience and the functioning that lets you run the app on more than one mobile at the same time. It also gives you the capability to look inside your mobile iOS to find the processes running under the surface.

All we want to say is it sprints, and yes, it is quite lightweight that allows you to use it anyplace. Now you can access it anywhere on your windows device. It is useful for those who know the transcode HTML-5 or other software like PhoneGap.

For any mobile app irrespective of old or new or less circulated, Ripple is perfect compared to other apps. What the user has to do is go to the extension tab or chrome store and download the Ripple from it and done. Or directly go to the download link and get it.


#3. Appetize.io

Appetize.io - iphone emulator for pc
Appetize.io – iOS Emulator

From the name, it looks like a food-related thing, but it is an iOS emulator. Even it is one of the best likely iOS emulators for Windows as well as Linux OSes, and undoubtedly it can run your desired iOS apps on your windows pc through its platform, and one can access operating systems as well.

The best part is users can develop cross-platform apps through this platform. Appetize is designed for iOS and MAC systems, and you will surely get a smooth, user-friendly and streamlined experience.

It is useful to the developers as will give them all types of tools to make it high-quality mobile apps. Without any problem, it can run, host and execute mobile apps.

Yes, it is a paid tool but the initial download is free, and one can use it for free for an initial 100 minutes or continuous 2 hours. So it is perfect for those who want to invest their money in it. We are sure that you will influence by the high versatility provided by it. And yes it is used for both Android and iPhone apps including games, best selling tools and their top-to-bottom features.


#4. iPadian Emulator – Best iOS Emulator for PC

iPadian - iOS emulator for pc
iPadian – iOS emulator for pc

This apple emulator for pc is easy to use if you are familiar with iPadian before. However, it is easy to use for new users as well. Easy to control and quick response that exactly look like the interface of an iPad. Even if you come to the point where you might confuse that are you using the emulator or a real device.

One can access all types of app from the iPad like gaming, social apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, and all other apps that you have already installed on your iPad. Without any trouble, you can use it on your windows device: no lag, no excuse, just a quick run of the app.

The app features are user-friendly and easy to use. There are two versions available one is free, and another is paid. The paid version has some premium features compared to the free version. This software gives you the access to App store, and you can download, access, or execute all apps quickly. It is versatile and compatible with multiple systems and has an abundance of native iOS apps.


#5. App.io

App.io Emulator for iPhone
App.io Emulator for iPhone

The name looks like the website, but it is a mobile app that works as an iPhone emulator for PC. It develops for those who want to test or beta-test before launching the game. It is lightweight and coded with the HTML-5 language, and able to run, execute and utilize the apps efficiently and quickly.

These features integrated into the app directly, include the ability to share videos from the app to others. So if you are a marketing person, this feature is helpful to you.

After the demo, you do not have to download it to access the video. The user will provide a call-to-action (CTA) button, that gives you the URL of the app on the Apple store. So you will get the iOS app directly.

The app is easy, user-friendly, and simple to use and, free. Installation and Setup are simple to get the app in a short time. With this emulator, one can check both video games, cross-platform apps and other apps that are available on the iPhone.


#6. MobiOne Studios Emulator

MobiOne Studios iphone emulator
MobiOne Studios iPhone emulator

MobiOne Studios is one of the best and first iPhone emulators but this emulator is discontinued by the iOS developer but still, you can use it.

By using the MobiOne Studios emulator, users can test various iOS apps and games on their Windows PC. This emulator gives you the access to run it on pretty much any device.

This iOS emulator is also good for developers who want to develop cross-platform applications for phones.


#7. SmartFace

SmartFace - iOS emulator
SmartFace – iOS emulator

SmartFace is another great iPhone emulator for Windows. This emulator is used to create native cross-platform iOS apps. SmartFace is mainly used to test iOS Apps which are developed by iOS app developers.

There are two free and paid versions available so you can choose accordingly. Smartface premium version starts from $99.


#8. Nintendo 3DS Emulator

Nintendo 3DS Emulator
Nintendo 3DS Emulator

Nintendo 3DS emulator is a popular gaming emulator in-game developer and iOS users give it good reviews. You can play your favorite game with this iOS emulator for PC.

With this emulator, you are able to play all the Nintendo 3DS games on your Windows computer. It’s compatible with Windows, iOS, Android and Mac.


Best iOS Emulators For Mac

If you are a Mac user and want to run the iOS app it or test it to make sure that they are running in the same way as they are supposed to be, then the iOS emulator for Mac is the one that you need it.

Yes, there are some best iOS emulator for Mac that is available in the market that is easily downloaded. But the question is out of many, which are some of the choices that one can pick to accomplish its task. The answer is here as you can’t go to each iOS emulator, download and check it. To save your precious time, we have prepared the list of iOS emulators for Mac for you.

#9. App.io

App.io is initially available for the window, but with time it comes back in the market as an iOS emulator as well. Yes, it is available for windows and mac platforms and both run without any lagging. When you use it for Mac, then you feel like you are working on the iOS system as it provides a close link to the OS under the apple.

The emulator is designed in such a way that it works swiftly to give you the best possible experience without any major drawbacks. Yes, it is not free, but if you think to buy it, then there are 7 days free trial for you.

#10. Appetize.io

Appetize.io is another known name of the Mac emulator. One can compare Appetize.io and App.io, and you will find some equality and never compromise quality. It makes them a great competition for each other.

The Mac version is made with great finesse like the Windows version. The goal of Appetize.io is to provide a smooth experience as much as possible. This emulator is highly centered toward the developers. When you launch the app, the initialization process is a bit sluggish but once it is done it becomes streamlined and smooth.

#11. Xamarin TestFlight

The last iOS emulator for Mac on our list is the Xamarin TestFlight. Now it is owned by Apple so there is no doubt to give it a try. The app is not free, and the setup process is complicated compared to the other two. But once you set it up, it will work eloquently. It also centered on developers, and if you are looking for the one who helps you to test the website, iOS ecosystem, or cross-platform apps, then it will surely work for you.


It is all about an iOS emulator for PC and an iOS emulator for Mac. Hopefully, you like the emulators and their features listed here. In case of a question, then you can ask us using the comment box below. Thank you!

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