Minecraft Windows 10 Mods – How to Install Minecraft PE Addons [Complete Guide]

The gaming community heard about Minecraft. Gamers know about this program. In 2009 it was developed by a Swedish programmer. In this independent environment, users can create everything from scratch. Even it has no particular genre in Minecraft.

Minecraft windows 10 mods become known after the release of Minecraft. Of course, the nature of the game is addictive that suits a gamer. Each day lots of games add themselves to the Minecraft network.

Even the game is quite simple, as everyone can understand. The Player has to make a hole in the virtual landscape and from the hole collect the blocks. The game is a combination of action and construction.

After making your building a city or port, you have to kill the Zombies and Monsters. You can either fight with attackers or hide behind your walls. Cool, you have weapons to fight. For me, my favorite mods for Minecraft windows 10 are Hardcord mode, Creative mode, Survival mode, and Spectator mode. Many pro and new gamers also love these modes like me.

Even children are dreaming of playing it all the time. The independence and openness of the platform make it accessible. Even the different platform support is also one of the reasons behind its popularity. It is available on X-Box, PlayStation, Mac, and Windows.

The developers include the changes from time to time and make sure that people stay connected with the gameplay. The new look and feel of the game interface manipulate various visual elements and features to make it highly addictive.

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Minecraft Windows 10 Mods


How To Install Minecraft Windows 10 Mods?

In recent times, hundreds and hundreds of new players are joining Minecraft, so many questions arise in their minds about Minecraft windows 10 edition mods. It locks down third-party access to windows features.

Users from the windows app store can download only legal apps. Fortunately, you will find Minecraft in the app store of windows to enjoy Minecraft windows 10 mods. Windows users, you do not have to worry about the Minecraft progress on windows.

What Are Minecraft Windows 10 Addons (PE Addons)?

Minecraft introduced Minecraft PE; it means users can access their kingdom with the tip of their fingers. The PE-pocket edition is small in size and designed for all game lovers who want to enjoy it on a mobile device.

However, the concept is the same as real Minecraft. With the introduction of PE addons, it is divided into biomes, and each has its specific features. Each biome has its creative architecture, and with your selected world, you can create the world you like the most. Each biome has different resources. Some of them are given below.

  • Taiga
  • Plain
  • Savanna
  • Desert
  • Jungle
  • Forest
  • Mesa
  • Beach
  • River
  • Swamp

How to install Minecraft PE addons?

You can install windows 10 Minecraft mods addons in two ways to change your Minecraft gameplay experience. We have listed both methods with detailed steps. Look at both methods and pick the one that suits you the most. Both ways have different steps, but both are efficient to change your gameplay.

Method 1:

In this way, we are going to download raw addon files differently. Check the steps.

Step #1: Open the web browser and enter google.com.

Step #2: Now, type Minecraft PE addons download in the search bar.

Step #3: You can see the outcome on your screen. Press Ctrl+F and enter mcpedl.com

Step #4: You can see one highlighted link; click on it.

Step #5: See the wide range of addons on the page, pick the one that suits your gaming style.

Step #6: At the bottom of the page, you can see the download link. Click on one of the links to download the *.mcworld file.

Step #7: On the completion of the download, go to the download folder and double click on the file you downloaded of addons.

Step #8: As soon as you click on it, it will directly be imported to the game.

Method 2:

In this method, we are going to look for how to install Minecraft mods windows 10 within the game. For this method, you first have to download the resource pack. After that, copy it to the specific dictionary. Check the steps given below.

Step #1: Go to the web browser and download the addons from the internet. The files are in the RAR or Zip format.

Step #2: After downloading, decompress files using WinRar like a tool.

Step #3: For decompressing, right-click on the file and open it with the decompressing tool.

Step #4: Choose your directory to extract the files. Wait until the process completes.

Step #5: You will find the extracted folder in the selected directory.

Step #6: Now, copy the folder and paste it to the following locations:



It is the default location where all the resources files of addons are pasted. There are two types of resources. One is textured, and another one is behavior. What you have to look at is you copied them in the right folder.

Step #7: If you find it additional resources, then paste them but in the same location that is inside the resource_packs folder.

Step #8: You can configure the Minecraft mods in windows 10 by starting Minecraft and then by clicking on the Create New World.

Step #9: You can see a new window on your screen. Here you can see all the resource packs and behaviors packs buttons.

Step #10: Find your desired addons for resources and behaviors. Click on it and import it in your game to make your gaming experience more live and full of adventure.


It is all about Minecraft windows 10 mods and steps for how to mod Minecraft windows 10. Once you start playing Minecraft, you will get addicted to it. The addons for the mobile take it to the next level. Plus, this platform supports manual upgrades and is completely customizable. There are millions of users, and numbers are still growing. It is an excellent choice who want to play constructive games.

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