Login Page, Username, Password and Wireless settings IP address is one of the known IP addresses due to its uses. For Wi-Fi router set up, you need it, and even a Wi-Fi router is a basic necessity today. Most of the household and companies have one or more than one Wi-Fi routers. It enables internet access via proper setup.

The Wi-Fi router setup is easy. Those people with technical knowledge can easily do it within a few minutes. But for those who are doing it for the first time needs proper guidelines and some basic info. It includes default username, password, set up steps for the login page.

If you want to login to the router, it will ask for the username and password. It is necessary for security reasons. And yes, you have to log in to the router for many reasons, and hence you need your username and password. IP address is used by many network devices like the Linksys router. Due to this reason, it is one of the known IP addresses. Yes, various networks use private networks for them, but is used for the website and for the Linksys routers to log in.

Your IP address of the router is the same if it is new, or no one has made any changes in its settings. If anyone has made changes, you can set it up to the default by pressing the reset or restore button. It means you can bring back IP address of your router and all original settings.

RecommendedHow To Find WiFi Password On Android? IP address is known as host address used in the router for any login or finds the address fields. To find it out, you have to look for the browser tab and log in to the page, which shows you on the screen after pressing the reset button.

Next, set the username and password as default to login to your router. The default login and password are stick on the backside of the router or written on the paper sheet. You can use the username, password, and IP address for the login. Login Page, Username, Password and Wireless settings Login Page, Username, Password

When the router IP address, username, and password is a change to default, anyone can use it. It means there is no security of your network or system. However, you can make the router secure by changing it.

If you do not change it, then anyone can access the router and use it. For avoiding this situation, you must have to change the ID Password. Once you change it, no one can unknowingly use it except you or the one you permitted to use from your home or office.

If you have to change it, then it is secure. However, you want to change it; then you can set it as default. Just press the reset button. If you have to change the router username and password, you have to change your internet setup on the router next. If you have an ISP address, then you will get all the information about the internet connection. You will give you all the information about the internet setup.

Even for the setting up the dial-up connection, you need username and password of the router. If you are an expert, you do not need any help as they can manually set up. As a beginner person, you can use it wizard tool.

There are different types of settings for securing the Wi-Fi to the next level, and one of such configuration is SSID name. It is used to find the name of the users, and you can change it. Note that when you change the name, don’t set it as a common name; otherwise, anyone can find it. It means establishing a unique name instead of a surname, member name, or any related name. Do you know you can hide the SSID name of the router as well if you want?

The Default Username And Password For General Routers With IP Address


Encrypted security is always the best option for developers. When it comes to encryption, it comes to two options; PSK and WPA2. Bother encryption run in almost all devices. It is always the best idea to change SSID along with the password. It always makes it hard to assume the new password.

The best password is a random one, including lower case letters, upper case letters, numbers, special characters, etc. You can either set a new password with all these or use the random password generator to create a hard and unique password for your Wi-Fi. Different provider set different minimum character length for the password. However, it is great if you set the password nearby 11 digits. If you want, then you can arrange for less or more, too.

Another great thing about the router is the Mac Filtering option that shows your Mac ID connected to the router. With this function, one can find all the supporting devices and permitted devices to use the Wi-Fi connection. From this list, you can forbid devices to use your Wi-Fi. It will offer a more secure connection option and minimize the chance of any vulnerability in the network.

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Router IP Address: How To Find?

For setting up a new router or network, you need an IP address to get access to it. If you want to change IP address, log in to the device, and look for settings >> change settings options. The most common default IP address are,,, and

Change Password Of Router

When you want to change your router password, follow the fixed steps, which are given below.

Step #1: First of all, login to your router admin page and then go to advanced settings.

Step #2: Next, look for the router admin option. Here click on change password.

Step #3: First, enter your old password, followed by a new password, and confirm it.

Step #4: Click on the save and done.

IP Address Of Different Router:

If your router has a default IP address, you can log in to it, but note than all the router are not set up with default IP address. And here, we have listed all router IP address, username, and password with 192.168.1 IP address. Have a look at it.

Router IP Address, Default Username, And Password:

Router Manufacturer User Name PasswordIP address
TP-Link adminadmin/password
Belkin (none) MiniAP192.168.1.1
D-link adminadmin192.168.1.1

Connect Two Routers Having The Same IP Address:

Step #1: Connect your pc and one of the routers through LAN cable first. Power on the devices.

Step #2: Open a web browser and go to www. or

Step #3: Enter the default user name and password to login to the admin page of the router.

Step #4: Find the LAN setup or local network and change your default IP address to the default IP address and save the changes.

Step #5: To change the IP address, go to advanced and then click on the setup option. From the menu, click on the LAN setup and IP address and change IP. At last, save changes.

Step #6: At last, connect both routers with LAN cables. The latest router features have auto setup modes and configure routers automatically. You can use also use the manual setup in case if you don’t want an automatic installation. If your router is new, then finds default user id and password for login and changed it.

Cisco router -

Cisco router needs rj45 cable to connect your pc or laptop with a router.

cisco router login

Step #1: Connect your Cisco router and pc and then turn on both devices.

Step #2: After turning on the router and PC, open your web browser and enter IP address in the search bar and then press the enter tab.

Step #3: Enter the default username and password from the table in respective spaces.

Step #4: If you have changed the default username and password, then enter the new one.

Step #5: You can see a Cisco router home page or admin page. Change the setting and Wi-Fi password from here and save the settings.

D-link router login

dlink router login

Step #1: Connect D-link router with your pc trough ethernet cable and then switched on your pc.

Step #2: Now, open the web browser and click on any of this link:


Step #3: Log in to the home page by entering the username and password of the D-link router.

Step #4: Go to the setup>> wireless setting>> select manual or automatic (For the first time log in).

A Netgear router login

netgear router login

Step #1: Connect your pc with your Netgear router

Step #2: Now open the web browser and enter Hit the enter button.

Step #3: Enter the default username and password as given in the above table.

Step #4: Go to the settings and change it if you want some advanced settings.

Tp-link router- IP address

tp link router login

You required rj45 cable for connecting the router of tp-link and your pc so get it first and follow the steps.

Step #1: Connect your pc and Tp-link router with a cable.

Step #2: Open the web browser and in the search bar, enter and hit the enter.

Step #3: Enter the default username and password.

IP address:
Username: admin
Password: Admin/password

Step #4: Go to the wireless settings and change them (optional).

Why I Can’t Connect And Access The Admin Page

The reason is many for not connecting and accessing the admin page of Some most common are given below.

  • Improper IP Configuration
  • Incorrect or wrong entered IP configuration like 192.168.I.I
  • IP address used as a link
  • The damaged connection between the router and modem
  • Wrong set up
  • Incorrect IP address
  • False proxy installed


It is a full stop on this post related to Login, username, and password set up. Go and check the steps given here carefully and then try to configure it. In case of a problem, ask our expert for help. Have you ever tried it or doing it for the first time? Share it with us using the comment section below. Thank you.

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