Best Free VPN Apps For Android of 2023

Free VPN apps for Android are one of the great ideas to use. Yes, today, we are getting thousands of free VPN applications, but not all are safe. Some sell your personal information and history in the market. And that is why it is helpful to go for the trusted name, whether you are going for the free or paid app.

Fortunately, some Free VPN apps for Android offer trustworthy free plans with some limitations like monthly data limits, automatic location selection, etc. And if you are okay with it, you can surely go for a free VPN for Android.

If you are ready to pay a negligible amount each month, then there is the best cheap VPN available. But today, we have prepared a list of the best free VPN services for Android. So let’s start talking about it.

Free VPN for Android

What Is VPN For Android?

A VPN or Virtual private network is one type of application, tool, or software that routes your data through its server and encrypts it before sending it to you. In layman’s language, it changes your IP address so that no one can find you. For example, if you use a VPN from the USA, it connects your internet from a German server. In short, it hides your details and keeps your system safe from tracking or any malware attack.

Benefits of VPN for Android

There are lots of advantages of Free VPN apps. Some of them are written here.

  • It bypasses geo-restrictions put in place by various streaming services
  • It will keep all of that data secure
  • It will give you safe access to many popular services and site
  • It will keep you completely anonymous online.
  • It hides browsing history from everyone
  • It will let you hide your IP address

Best Free VPN Apps For Android of 2023

1. TunnelBear

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TunnelBear free vpn app for android

The first name in the list of Free VPN apps is TunnelBear. McAfee owns it, and under the free title, you will get 500MB of data per month. It does not require a credit card for signup. Also, it is easy to use.

This app’s significant part is its server availability in 23 countries, including India, USA, Australia, Germany, and more. I like it there is no login policy, which is a great relief. Also, it does not show any ads despite the free version. If you tweet about the provider and service or download the TunnelBear app on pc, you will get free data for a month.

You can invite a friend to sign up to get the benefit of free data. However, it is best to consume full data each month as it does not carry forward data to the next month. If you need more than 500MB per month, you have to pick a paid plan. The pricing starts at $4.17/month if you pay for 2 years.

2. Kaspersky VPN Secure Connection

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Kaspersky VPN Secure Connection for Android

The next free VPN on the list is Kaspersky. It has some limitations for the free service, but apart from this, it works like a charm. It offers 200mb/day or 300mb/day only if the app is connected to the account of My Kaspersky account. It means it translates to 6 GB/month. However, for free, it is not an insufficient limit. The power users won’t like its service. Unfortunately, there are no add-ons like other names on this list.

You don’t have to make an account to use the service. Plus, it has multiple servers worldwide, but you can’t decide on the server for the free plan. The service picks the server automatically. One of the significant parts of this app is its user-friendly interface. Just one tap and you are an anonymous guy on the internet.

Yes, signing up is also not worrisome as you don’t have to share your credit card details or email address. If you want to pick unlimited data or choose a server location, you can go for the paid plan. It charges only $2.5/month for the annual pick.

3. Hotspot Shield

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Hotspot Shield Free VPN for Android

This name is one of the best choices for an Android VPN for free. It offers about 15 GB/ month of data, and hence you will get about 500 MB/day of data. Yes, it’s not enough for full-day use, but for free VPN, it’s more than enough.

For free VPN apps, you don’t need to go through any signup process. You don’t have to share the email address or credit card information. You have to download the app on the device and open it. Press connect, and you are ready to hide from the world.

The server is selected by the application. Also, it shows ads, which is sometimes annoying. There is a no-logging policy. However, if you want unlimited data and an ad-free experience, pick a suitable plan. It starts at $7.99/month.

4. Avira Phantom

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Avira Phantom Free VPN apps for Android

Avira Phantom Free VPN apps for Android offer 500 MB of data per day, higher or equal to the other free VPN service providers. Even in the free plan, you can connect to your choice of location out of 40.

You have to sign up but not like the other. Just get the app from the Play Store, choose a location, turn on VPN, and boom. You are ready to surf anonymously. It does not ask your details to use the service.

The free version has many premium features that other competitors do not provide. You won’t get tech support and a kill switch (to disable internet access in case of VPN connection drops). But other than this, you have access to every pro feature.

Yes, it also offers a paid plan to waive all the limitations. If you are ready to pay $6.5/month ($78/year), then you can do whatever you want with this free VPN.


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hide me free vpn app for android

Now does not offer too much data for free, but it has some fantastic offers as a paid plan. It offers 10GB/month data. It’s not bad for free, but yes, it’s a little less compared to others. You can pick any location out of five: Canada, USA (east and west coast), Singapore, and the Netherlands,

It is one of the best Free VPN apps that promise your data’s security and won’t sell it to any third-party bidder. You can quickly start using it. Install the app. Open and connect, and your search and work are ready to hide from the world. You don’t have to share your credit card details or contact details with

If you want more data limits, you can pick one plan from a few paid plans. The pricing starts from $4.99/month to $12.95/month. Together everything makes it one of the best VPNs for Android.

6. Speedify

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Speedify free vpn app for android

Speedify has a strict limitation, but its auto-connect feature works like a charm. It offers only 2GB of data each month. You can use it on a single device only. Once you install the app on your Android device, it will automatically connect to the faster server.

You can choose a server by yourself or let the system pick the one according to your location. The most significant part of Speedify is its servers are available in 37 countries, including the US, Japan, Italy, etc. It also offers no login policy.

Like other companies, it has a paid plan as well. An unlimited data plan starts from $9.99/month. Look at its various plans according to your needs.

7. Windscribe

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Windscribe free vpn apps for android

Windscribe is another right name for free VPN apps. It offers 10GB of data each month. It will ask for your email address for that. If you are not ready to share an email address, you will get 2GB of data per month.

There are 20 servers available in 10 countries. You can choose the server you want to connect manually or let the system do it. I like its Split Tunneling feature that decides which apps require a VPN.

If you think the data limit is a barrier for you, you can pick the paid plan. The paid plan costs you $9/month or $4.08/month if you subscribe for a year).

8. ProtonVPN

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ProtonVPN free vpn app for android

Last but not least name in the list of free VPN apps for Android is ProtonVPN. This app does not have any data limit. Yes, you read correctly; you can surf as much as you want. However, on the bright side, the down point of this app is its speed.

It will take some time, especially when there are lots of users online. Plus, its servers are available for 3 locations only, including Japan, the USA, and the Netherlands. This app is easy to use. Make an account, sign up for the service, and you are ready to go.

For the first 7 days, you will get a full-featured app for trial. After that, you will use the free plan. Irrespective of a free or paid plan, there are no annoying apps in the Android application. It does not ask for compulsory login, but you can use it on a single device only.

If you are concerned about the speed, then you can pick the paid plan. It starts ranges from $6.63/month to $10/month.


Free VPN apps are a great option to choose if you want to hide your online activity from the world. You can select either free or paid plans according to use. This list helps you decide on one name. Please go through it and share with us which Free VPN apps for Android you have picked. TIA!!

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